CANNESERIES 2022: The Lesson, Audrey is back and Souls on the festival’s list, Le…

After several days of competition, the various juries have given their verdict on the series presented at CANNESERIES. Here is the winners of this fifth season of the Cannes International Series Festival.

Canneseries 2022: the lesson, audrey is back and souls on the festival's list, le...
Julien Panié – MakingProd, Films Between 2 and 4, Canal+

Season 5 of CANNESERIES, which ran from April 1 to 6, ended on a high note with the preview screening of the first two episodes of the series Le Flambeau: Raiders of Chupacabra, which follows the box what was La Flamme and which will be broadcast in May on CANAL+. This new comic and finely written version of Jonathan Cohen is a pastiche of adventure shows and brings together an exceptional cast.

For several days, the two juries, respectively chaired by Fanny Herrero, creator and screenwriter (Ten percent, Funny) and Anthony Horowitz, writer and screenwriter (Alex Rider), discovered long and short series, from all over the world, and awarded prizes to their favourites.

For its part, the SKAM France series was awarded the Konbini prize for commitment.

Here is the full list:

Best Series

The Lesson (Israel)

A political discussion between 43-year-old teacher Amir and 17-year-old high school student Lian escalates into an emotional conflict of proportions far beyond the classroom. In a fight for justice, Amir and Lian won’t back down, even when the going gets out of hand and changes their lives forever. This six-part series follows the ripple effect from the classroom to the current explosive political reality in Israel through the stages of an entire high school, community, and media.

Best Short Series

Hacked (Belgium)

Nilou, Malick and Adanne are the most popular students at school. Even though they are best friends and seem to share everything, their secrets are much deeper than you think. When they discover their phones have been hacked, their lives descend into chaos. They find themselves at the mercy of a hacker who imposes increasingly demanding demands on them in exchange for their privacy. The three friends are then confronted with their deepest fears as well as their darkest secrets.

Best interpretation

Maya Landsmann in The Lesson (Israel)

Special Interpretation Prize

The cast of Audrey has returned (Canada)

A 17-year-old girl is found unconscious, in the middle of the night, on the road to a small village. Sixteen years later, the impossible happens: Audrey comes back from a long coma. She must relearn how to live in an era she no longer understands. Everything has changed around her and her nearby station is no exception. As the episodes go by, her memory comes back to her little by little, and opens up on the events that plunged her into a coma, revealing to her in puzzle pieces what really happened that night…

Best Screenplay

Souls (Germany)

The mystical drama Souls centers on 14-year-old Jacob, who after a car accident believes he remembers a past life where he was the pilot of a missing plane. Her claims will change the lives of three women, Allie Hanna and Linn. Is Jacob lying or is it the truth?

Best Music

Souls (Germany)

High School Student Award Best Long Series

Afterglow (Norway)

This is Ester, the one you think is immortal because it’s simply impossible to think of a world without her. When she learns that she has cancer, everyone around her is affected. Her husband, her children, her friends. They all begin to question their own lives and mortality. This story could have been the sad tale of a dying woman but Ester wouldn’t have allowed it. Instead, it’s a story of Amiur, and Life, and all those amazing, and sometimes silly things you do before you die.

Best Short Series Student Award

Everything You Love (Norway)

Sara and Jonas meet by chance during the evacuation of a subway train in central Oslo. It’s love at first sight, but after a while, Sara discovers that Jonas is hiding a terrible secret.

Grand Prix Dior

Audrey is back (Canada)

Dior Prize for Revelation

Rosalie Vaillancourt in Completely high school (Canada)

A quirky parody of ultra-cliched teenage series, Completely High School tells the ups and downs of Allie, the new girl from New Garden Hills Valley high school. Adolescence is never easy! Especially when the most popular girl in school, Ashley, decides to make you her worst enemy… Fortunately, Allie can count on the help of her gay best friend Keith to see through Ashley’s shenanigans and of her boyfriend Brian, quarterback of the football team.

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