CANNESERIES 2021: we saw a new version of the story of Empress Sissi and a …

For its season 4, AlloCiné brings you the CANNESERIES festival. Today’s program: a reinterpretation of Empress Sisi, the new Israeli punch series Unknowns, the procedural The Allegation and the comedy Countrymen.

Sissi (Out of Competition)

Canneseries 2021: we saw a new version of the story of empress sissi and a...
TVNOW / Story House Pictures / René Arnold

A co-production between Germany and Austria, soon on TF1, Sissi puts the legendary Empress back in the limelight, very popular in Europe. This modern, highly romanticized and sensual reinterpretation, like the Tudors and other historical rock’n’roll series, depicts the story of the Bavarian princess who became the Great Empress of Austria after her marriage to Emperor Franz.

With playfulness, emotion and strength, it is the portrait of a teenager and then of a nonconformist, contemporary and determined woman facing both success and adversity that the series draws up in sumptuous settings. Sissi is an ambitious reinterpretation, with breathtaking photography and a very current subject carried by a young Dominique Devenport, sparkling and mischievous in this role so prestigious and many times embodied.

Unknowns (Competition)

Canneseries 2021: we saw a new version of the story of empress sissi and a...
Moshe nachumovich

After Our Boys, Arab Israeli creator Tawfik Abu Wael presents Unknowns, a punchy new series following a group of young boys abandoned by Israeli society who wander the halls of a school for at-risk youth led by a more interested principal. by money and image than by the fate of these marginalized people.

When they are suspected in a rape case, it is the descent into hell for these boys who will try everything to escape a fate all drawn and to flee this life dictated by violence. Unknowns is an energized, intimate, and very well-written drama that will in many ways be a reminder of the relevance of yet another hard-hitting series In Their Eyes.

The Allegation (Competition)

Canneseries 2021: we saw a new version of the story of empress sissi and a...
Stephan Rabold / MOOVIE / TVNOW

For The Allegation, bestselling author Ferdinand von Schirach transposes a true German legal scandal of the 1990s into our contemporary times: the Worms trial case, similar to the Outreau case in France, which entered the world. history of jurisprudence.

Through this case of child crime revisited in the age of social networks, The Allegation follows an atypical duo: Schlesinger (Peter Kurth), recognized defense lawyer, and Azra (Narges Rashidi), henchman of the underworld of Berlin, who will join forces to defend an accused in this great trial for child abuse which arouses the indignation of the German population and which attracts a large-scale media slaughter.

A fairly classic procedural series with false airs of a British thriller, The Allegation moves with its poignant and very current story and charms with its breathtaking twists and the undeniable alchemy between its two main actors.

Countrymen (Competition)

Canneseries 2021: we saw a new version of the story of empress sissi and a...
Mohamed chakiri

New series from Anne Bjørnstad, who owed Lilyhammer, Countrymen is a hilarious comedy about a bunch of Muslim broken arms embarked on a hilarious country adventure. Leaving Oslo for a farm in Telemark, these men with dubious intentions find themselves unwillingly founders of Norway’s first halal cheese company.

In addition to the goats, these men are forced to support their friend Marwan, who took his daughter with him. The impeccable cast, the crazy adventures, the tasty dialogues and an offbeat The Office staging make Countrymen a successful wacky series.

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