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Banner, smoke bombs… Rise of the punchy steps yesterday in Cannes. Feminists posted the names of 129 victims of feminicides, in parallel with the presentation of the documentary Riposte Féministe.

Cannes 2022: the names of 129 victims of feminicide displayed on the steps - actus ciné

A punchy red carpet for Feminist Response ! On the occasion of the presentation of the documentary co-directed by Simon Depardon and Marie Perennesa happening took place on the steps, Sunday, May 22.

Members of the Les Colleuses movement, from all over France, unfurled a banner with the names of the 129 victims of feminicide.

The documentary Feminist response focuses on the thousands of young women mobilized to denounce sexist violence, street harassment and the macho remarks they suffer on a daily basis. At night, armed with white sheets and black paint, they paste messages of support for the victims and slogans against feminicides. Some are long-time feminists, others have never been an activist, but all are revolting against the violence that has too often turned their lives upside down.

We caught up with the director duo in Cannes on Monday May 23, Simon Depardon and Marie Perennes. They returned, to our microphone, on this day of red carpet, presentation and mobilization. The distributor of the film had invited 14 gluers, representing several cities.

It was the idea for us to bring them together. They had already exchanged a little on social networks”, says Simon Depardon. “There, there was the opportunity to show them the film for the first time, and to make connections between them. They took advantage of the climb of the steps to unroll a banner with the 129 feminicides since the last Cannes Film Festival. Then they lit smoke bombs, something we didn’t know. I think it was good to take this opportunity to have a good image, to show that the film is about this subject, that it’s a subject very important. The most important thing for us was to show them the film.

For us, the fact that it is alive, that they react in the room and that therefore the public also reacts, it is also really all that we wanted to do with this film, continues Marie Perennès: to make react, to make maybe become aware… In any case question, interrogate, create dialogues, emotions. Sunday’s screening was full of all that. It was a day full of emotion. Let them meet. It was invigorating and energizing for all of us“.

Putting this film here, doing an action, it allows us to talk about it and that’s the most important thing

We were happy with this selection. I think it’s interesting that the Cannes Film Festival and Thierry Frémaux made the decision to show a film like this. Beyond the political subject, I think it’s also the form of the film that seduced”, continues the duo. “It’s interesting, because in a way, we know that it serves the Festival d’ having a feminist film, and at the same time, it also helps with visibility. We think it’s good. We know that only 20% of films are directed by women. So putting this film here, doing an action, it allows us to talk about it and that’s the most important thing.

How do you reach the widest possible audience with a documentary like this? We asked them the question.

“We have already made this film in equal numbers for this reason. For us, it was extremely important to have an equal team in the production which was going to make it possible precisely to balance all these different levels of discourse. The idea c It was really about not imprisoning people in a discourse, with interviews in front of the camera and young feminists who could say that this is the way to think, to act, to do. see what is happening to raise awareness in this place.”

Feminine Riposte will be released on November 9, preceded by previews, screenings and debates.

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