Cannes 2021 – My Brothers and I: meeting four new faces of French cinema

Presented in the Un Certain Regard section of this 74th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, My brother and I shed light on the daily life of four united brothers, all eager to get by by different means. Meeting with their interpreters.

Featured in the Un certain Regard, My brothers and me category (libriously inspired by the play Why my brothers and I left… by Hédi Tillette from Clermont-Tonnerre.) follows the journey of four brothers with unusual personalities, who live in an unnamed city, near the sea. They play football, they deal, they seduce, they work, they seek each other and they toil, to try to make ends meet each in their own way and pay their mother in a coma for the drugs she needs … And above all he (s) sing (s). Finally one of them.

Indeed, the young hero (Maël Rouin Berrandou, a nugget of actor already seen in Parents of pupils) discovers a talent for the opera and alongside a singer played by the incandescent Judith Chemla, detects in the art its purveyor of joy, its escape route. Dali Benssalah (unavoidable future James Bond’s boys with crazy charisma), Sofian Khammes (kind of tender and hilarious Aldo Maccione) and Moncef Farfar (rough diamond from the film, already sacred fire): all are funny and moving, have a real charm , a sincere banter and a talent to follow.

Maël Rouin Berrandou

Cannes 2021 - my brothers and i: meeting four new faces of french cinema

CANAL + / Orange / Cannes Film Festival

Discovered by the general public in Parents of pupils by Noémie Saglio, Maël Rouin Berrandou plays Nour, the young hero of the film who, while doing community service, meetsa lyrical singer who runs a summer course. A meeting that will bring him the maternal warmth he needs and open up new horizons.

“I was offered to have an understudy for the vocals, but I didn’t want to. It was a superb experience to sing lyrical opera, it allows you to manage your breathing, to have a posture. J I took three months of lessons, one to two hours a day alongside a coach Dominique Moaty before working with Judith Chemla who is really an opera singer. “

Revelation of the film, the young boy enrolled in the conservatory section of the 9th arrondissement, will take a break this summer after two years of filming, before resuming the castings.

Dali benssalah

Cannes 2021 - my brothers and i: meeting four new faces of french cinema

CANAL + / Orange / Cannes Film Festival

“My character tries to be the father figure of this family. He wants to keep her head in the North, after a dead father and a mother in a coma. He makes sacrifices, he missed a lot of things but he wants the best for his brothers, except that he doesn’t know what that best is. He looks for something concrete, a way to make money and art does not suit him. He is tortured in his role . There is a real cohesion between these brothers, especially around the mother, who is the anchor of the boat. If she is moved, they are missing what binds them together and they must reactivate to bring her back. “

After having distinguished himself in Les Sauvages, the original Canal + series by Rebecca Zlotowski, and having walked the steps of Cannes this summer for My brothers and me, Dali benssalah will appear in theaters in Dying Can Wait, Just That: “After seeing my clip” Territory “by The Blaze, Cary Fukunaga’s assistant did it American style saying” I want this guy. “A two-part casting followed, then seven months and a half commitment. A very different shoot from anything I’ve experienced so far. “

Sofian khammes

Cannes 2021 - my brothers and i: meeting four new faces of french cinema

CANAL + / Orange / Cannes Film Festival

“People will have a good laugh, they will love you”, said the director of My brothers and me, describing his role. “Mo seems very light but wears a mask. He says that people are fine, he makes jokes but suffers inside. With his scenes in particular of flirting, I was able to have fun, it was very enjoyable . “

Coming soon to the thriller November by Cédric Jimenez, Sofian khammes is hilarious in the shoes of this inveterate flirtatious brother, trying to make a living with his cock and his charisma:

“Music is a means of escape, culture is a means of emancipation, freedom, emancipation and in some neighborhoods it’s like a passport. You can go elsewhere, face life better armed, you still have to- he that we extend our hand to you. Otherwise we remain locked in like my character in our little world “.

Moncef Farfar

Cannes 2021 - my brothers and i: meeting four new faces of french cinema

CANAL + / Orange / Cannes Film Festival

“I was caught following a wild casting, just after my French baccalaureate.” Rough diamond according to its partners, Moncef Farfar embodies in the film a “bomb ready to explode anytime, but has a lot of empathy. He took the wrong path, would like to come back but it’s complicated. It is one way. He is in need of love and does not know if his mother loved him because before she was bedridden. He was the rowdy little boy who took a pair of slaps. He experienced the childhood phase of correction “, explains Dali Bensallah.

After this first intense experience, the young boy will string together projects including a TV movie for France 2 in the vein of Moonlight alongside Nawell Madani and Isabelle Carré and a filming at sea with Varante Soudjian, the director of Inseparables.

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