Cannes 2021: discover the list of films selected at ACID - cinema news

Cannes 2021: discover the list of films selected at ACID – cinema news

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ACID has unveiled its selection for the 74th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. Discover the list of films presented in this parallel section in 2021.


Feedback on ACID

ACID or Association of Independent Cinema for its Distribution was created by 180 filmmakers in the early 1990s following their manifesto “Resist”. Since 1993, ACID has had its program at the Cannes Film Festival with 9 feature films, chosen from among hundreds of films from around the world.

The 2021 selection made by 14 filmmakers from the Association du Cinéma Indépendant for its Diffusion will be screened during the Cannes Film Festival, which exceptionally takes place from July 6 to 17 this year. The feature films will then be accompanied and screened in several festivals and supported until their arrival at the cinema.

ACID reruns are also planned for fall 2021 in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Corsica and internationally: Tangier, Belgrade, Lisbon, Porto …

The 2021 edition

This year, 9 feature films, including 4 documentaries, were selected for the ACID selection. There are 6 first films and 3 feature films (co) directed by women. This selection gives pride of place to French cinema with 5 feature films produced in France and 3 French co-productions.

  • Aya by Simon Coulibaly Gillard (Belgium / France) – 1st feature film
  • I COMETE by Pascal Tagnati (France) – 1st feature film
  • Down with the King by Diego Ongaro (United States / France)
  • Ghost Song by Nicolas Peduzzi (documentary) (France)
  • Little Palestine, Diary of a Siege of Abdallah Al-Khatib (documentary) (Lebanon / France / Qatar) – 1st feature film
  • Municipal of Thomas Paulot (France) – 1st feature film
  • Soy Libre by Laure Portier (documentary) (France) – 1st feature film
  • Star by Claudine Bories & Patrice Chagnard (documentary) (France)
  • Venus on the shore of Lin Wang (China) – 1st feature film

Back to the future

Throughout the year, from closings to reopening, the association tried to bring the ACID Cannes 2020 programming to life during “Hors les Murs” sessions in France. In support of the filmmakers and their teams, ACID wanted to bring these films to the Croisette during the Festival. The 9 films of the 2020 edition will thus be screened daily, in the presence of the filmmakers.

Among the films selected at ACID in 2019, the film “Vif-Argent”:

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