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Reunited by Leos Carax and “Annette”, who opened the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver talk about the director and their work on this vibrant musical.

Cinephiles and fans of the director have been waiting for him for almost a decade: Annette, a new film by Leos Carax. Nine years after Holy Motors, the director is back on the Croisette with this musical whose songs were signed by Ron and Russell Mael, alias Sparks.

First entrusted to Rooney Mara then Michelle Williams, the first female role is finally held by Marion Cotillard, who gives the answer, in music, to Adam Driver, attached to the project since 2015. Passing through Cannes, where Annette made the he opening of the 74th edition of the Festival, the two actors came back with us on Leos Carax, the intense work requested by Annette and the power of music.

Marion Cotillard also spoke, at our microphone, one of the central themes of this film which summons up different forms of art (cinema of course, but also music, opera, animation and even stand-up) to paint a dark portrait of the show business, which inevitably resonated with her when it came to celebrity.

Cannes 2021: Annette launches the festival with music and beauty

“More than fame, it was the artists’ need for recognition that spoke to me”, answers the actress. “The need for recognition that we all have, I think. We need to be recognized by our parents. To be looked at, to be supported, to exist in that gaze. But to be looked at as we are. ‘we are. And the artist needs to look, to be listened to, to be loved. I found this theme beautifully approached in the film and it resonates in me. It also questions me, for a long time, because it is something that I live with. “

“My experience with this need for recognition, the way it impacts me, how it put me in states of frustration but also constructed, is something that I find deeply interesting.”

Interview by Maximilien Pierrette in Cannes on July 5, 2021 – Editing: Ando Raminoson

“Annette” was released in French theaters at the time of its Cannes presentation:

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