Cannes 2021: after Les Enfants Loups, we saw Belle, the breathtaking new animated film by Mamoru Hosoda

Presented in world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, Belle, the new animated film by Mamoru Hosoda even the virtual world to the famous tale of Beauty and the Beast. Heart stroke.

Cannes 2021 after Les Enfants Loups we saw Belle the


In real life, Suzu is a self-conscious teenager, stuck in her small mountain town with her father. But in U’s virtual world, Suzu becomes Belle, a musical icon followed by over 5 billion followers. A difficult double life for the shy Suzu, who will take an unexpected flight when Beauty meets the Beast, a creature as fascinating as it is frightening. Then begins a virtual crossover between Beauty and the Beast, at the end of which Suzu will discover who she is.

“Belle” – written and directed by Mamoru Hosoda – Presented as a world premiere under the Cannes Première label


Since taking his independence with his own animation studio Studio Chizu, Mamoru Hosoda has been delivering ever more inspired, moving and deeply mature animated films, between The Wolf Children, The Boy and the Beast and Mirai. , my little sister. His new feature film, Belle, presented as a world premiere under the Cannes Première label at the Cannes Film Festival, is still a success, a real tour de force.

Very fan of the tale Beauty and the Beast and its adaptations by Jean Cocteau and Disney, Mamoru Hosoda was inspired by some elements of this story to offer a powerful learning story in the virtual world of the Internet. The Japanese director has surrounded himself with a shock team with Jin Kim, designer of famous characters like Frozen, Rapunzel or Vaiana to create the protagonists of Belle.

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For animation, Mamoru Hosoda collaborated with the Irish studio Cartoon Saloon (The Wolf People) to create the virtual and fantasy worlds of the film. Completely immersive and breathtaking, Belle’s universe is a wonder in which we want to immerse ourselves again and again.

This virtual world is that of “U”, in which Suzu, a shy 17 year old teenager, complexed and still hurt by the disappearance of her mother, will be fulfilled thanks to her avatar, Belle, popular singer with five billion of subscribers. Internet darling, Suzu / Belle will go against the established system of “U” to protect the Beast, a tortured and feared creature, and save strangers.

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Through Suzu / Belle’s learning story, Mamoru Hosoda once again places childhood at the heart of his film and tells it through the prism of the virtual and the image that we refer back to and that we refer to. other. The director evokes the values ​​of solidarity, friendship, benevolence and courage as a means of accomplishing oneself, of transcending oneself and of evolving.

With scenes of mad emotion, which draws sincere tears, musical sequences that give chills, endearing characters and breathtaking animation, Belle is a completely successful new proposition from Mamoru Hosoda, who will invoke the humanity in everyone. us, small and big children.