Cannes 2021: 3 questions to Rone, winner for the music of the Olympiad by Jacques Audiard – cinema news

Cannes 2021: 3 questions to rone, winner for the music of the olympiad by jacques audiard - cinema news

The composer and electro artist Rone is in Cannes for the soundtrack of Jacques Audiard’s “Olympiades”, which has just received the Cannes Soundtrack Prize, tied with “Annette” by the Sparks. We met him.

After La Nuit Coming, which won Rone the César for Best Film Music this year, the composer and electro artist is in Cannes to accompany the team of Jacques Audiard’s film Les Olympiades. This soundtrack has just received the 2021 Cannes Soundtrack Prize, tied with Annette des Sparks.

AlloCiné: When were you approached for Les Olympiades? Was the film already shot or was it on screenplay?

Rone, composer: Jacques Audiard contacted me when the film had already been edited. He called me. Well, for me it was crazy to have Jacques Audiard on the phone … He’s really one of my favorite directors. I remember the release of Un Prophète, telling myself that he was one of the best French directors. I love his cinema.

So I discovered this film in black and white. I saw a first mounted version. And he told me he would like me to do his music. We had fairly short deadlines, a month, and we had to do 20-25 minutes of music.

He suggested that I choose three scenes and send him music three days later. I came home. I worked on three scenes chosen like that. I thought to myself, “okay, it goes or it breaks.” And I will remember this message all my life: “Amazing”.

He calls me and so I was delighted and completely freaked out, because he said to me: “actually, I realize this is a musical film. We are going to add more music”. And finally, it was 45 minutes of music that had to be done in a month. It was intense work, but at the same time, I didn’t see it go by. But there were a lot of exchanges with Jacques. Every day, I had him on the phone. It was very fluid. It was going very quickly, we didn’t fumble too much.

When you’re not composing music for movies, do you have that same image-focused approach?

Yes, it’s funny because I studied cinema for 4 years after the baccalaureate, I went to a very theoretical film school, but what I remember from those years is above all that I ‘ve seen a lot of movies. It was a year when I saw several a day at the university film library. And I think it marked me for life in fact. The film analysis courses also fascinated me, film reviews, scriptwriting.

So today, when I make music, I think I have old reflexes. I want to work on the climax, for it to go up, for there to be twists, suspense … I use cinema jargon a lot, and even when I think of an album, there is something very narrative, telling a story. There is something really about the cinema.

It’s a bit abstract, but there are still images that come to me when I make music. It gives me energy. There is something very visual anyway.

What is your musical news ? Will the Olympics soundtrack be released as an album? ?

There are a lot of things there. I am juggling because I am resuming a show that I created with a collective called La Horde and that I created for the Théâtre du Châtelet.

We had two weeks of performances planned. We were cut off by the pandemic. The first confinement meant that the last two dates had to be canceled. We did 7 dates. And there, we take it back.

We played it at the Nuits de Fourvière and we’re going to play it at the Venice Biennale next week. This show is going to turn. I’m on stage with 18 dancers, it’s a great project. Besides that, I am resuming a solo tour where I am alone on stage with my machines. And there are plenty of things planned.

I am finishing to arrange the soundtrack for the film Les Olympiades which we will be releasing at the same time as the film. It has 45 minutes of music, but there are a lot of pieces that come to an end in the movie, so I make arrangements to turn them into real pieces. This will be done for the film’s release on November 3, 2021.

Interview in Cannes on July 16, 2021. Interview conducted as part of the SACEM highlights at the Cannes Film Festival.

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