Cannes 2020: a label, an alliance with Venice … Ways to save the Festival – Film News

Cannes 2020: a label, an alliance with Venice … Ways to save the Festival – Film News

What future for the 2020 edition of the Cannes Festival? The day after the announcement of the cancellation of the parallel sections, Thierry Frémaux, general delegate of the Festival, gave some details on the possible tracks to maintain an option.


Unlike the parallel sections of the Cannes Festival which announced yesterday the cancellation of their 2020 edition, there is no question at the moment of canceling the official selection of Cannes. A press release was issued Tuesday evening, in which the Festival team explained thinking about new “forms” to maintain an event. The previous dates envisaged for a postponement at the end of June are no longer possible (the idea of ​​a virtual film market is however maintained), but the Festival does not throw in the towel and continues to think of solutions to save its edition one way or another.

In interviews with Variety and at Figaro, Thierry Frémaux, general delegate of the Festival, gave some details on the reflections currently underway.

“Since Monday evening, we have taken note of the impossibility of organizing Cannes in July. We believed in it, it is not obstinacy, it is not for the Festival itself but for what it is useful: the works, the artists, the professionals of this industry, the rooms, the public. For the economic revival of an entire sector. And for the Cannes tourism which has shown tremendous understanding. The future is more uncertain than ever. It can be dark: all festivals can be canceled, including those in early fall. It can clear up as summer approaches and allow other perspectives to be drawn. the following months. It goes without saying that public health remains a priority “, explains Thierry Frémaux in the columns of Le Figaro.

The idea of ​​a label identifying the films selected for this edition is being studied: “We can imagine, let’s say a label” Cannes2020 “rather than Official Selection since this name implies that the Festival is organized” normally “. And that we would like to associate the parallel sections with it. This label would make it possible to enhance the films we have seen and find our way through the maze that will be the organization of their release in the fall. beautiful films and it is our duty – and our desire! – to help them exist and find the public. Because the Selection has never stopped, the films are there, we will see them until the end of June! is in the process of building our project based on consultations that we are conducting with the CNC, with professionals, with the City of Cannes. We did not want to desert the field on April 15, passing directly to next year, not abandoning the movies and what ux that make them possible. We want to be present in the fall to contribute to the vast project of the reconquest of cinema. This job, like the others, faces the risk of becoming a field of ruins, it will be necessary that we all show energy and unity. The Cannes Film Festival wants to do its part, “he continues.

Asked by Variety about the possibility of an alliance with the Venice Festival which is being held at the start of the school year, Thierry Frémaux does not reject the idea, on the contrary: “Like every year, I talk a lot with the Festival director of Venice, Alberto Barbera, who is worried himself, of course. Since the start of the crisis, we have raised the possibility of doing something together if Cannes should be canceled. We continue to discuss it. Other festivals have invited us : Locarno, San Sebastian, Deauville. There are gestures that touched us a lot. And in Lyon, at the Lumière Festival (in October), we have planned to host a number of world premieres in our program. “

Recall that Thierry Frémaux and Pierre Lescure had first planned a postponement of the 73rd edition in late June – early July, but the announcement by President Emmanuel Macron, Monday evening, during his speech, to ban the organization of events , such as festivals or concerts, at “at least mid-July 2020”, made this project impossible. As a reminder, the Cannes Film Festival was initially scheduled to take place from May 12 to 23, 2020 and most of the official selection was to be announced this Thursday, April 16.

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