Cannabis, which most people think of marijuana, is actually the correct name for both marijuana and hemp. Hemp, by definition, is the cannabis that has a total THC level of .3% or less. (Total THC refers to both THCa and THC. THCa is basically THC before it has been activated usually by heat.)

As CBD oil has become mainstream, you are now seeing CBD oil for all animals including CBD oil for dogs and even CBD oil for horses. As there have been some studies done on CBD oil for dogs and there are some studies being done on CBD oil for horses

CBD oil for horses
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CBD actually has a parent cannabinoid called CBG. CBG (cannabigerol) is the precursor to just about all the cannabinoids found in cannabis including THC. Now, thanks to cannabis breeders who create certain hemp plants to contain certain levels of cannabinoids, CBG is now being farmed by growing hemp. As this is great news having another cannabinoid being produced into products for dogs and horses, what are the differences between CBD and

CBG oil for horses?

First, let look at a couple of facts, CBD oil has been shown to reduce inflammation which is one of the leading causes of pain. CBD oil has also been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, both of which dogs and horses suffer from on a regular basis. Some studies have shown that CBD oil can assist or reduce certain cancers in both humans and animals.

Second, most full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils have CBG in the product and studies have shown that products containing a full spectrum or broad spectrum of cannabinoids have a higher efficacy rate Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oils also contain other minor cannabinoids and terpenes which work together synergistically called the

Entourage Effect.

As stated before, CBG is the precursor cannabinoid to all other cannabinoids found in cannabis. Some people are claiming CBG is the “Holy Grail” of cannabinoids because it is the “mother” of all cannabinoids, but what are the benefits of just CBG oil to horses? To date, there has not been much research done on CBG oil for horses. That being said, some of the studies done on CBD oil for dogs and CBD oil for horses use a full-spectrum CBD oil that contains CBG and other minor cannabinoids and terpenes. So the question arises, are the benefits found in the studies from

CBD or CBG or both?

We do know that CBG oil can assist with:

Treating Glaucoma through vasodilator and neuroprotective effects
Decrease inflammation as seen in animal testing of IBD
Combatting Huntingdon’s Disease through neuroprotective effects
Inhibiting tumor growth
Killing drug-resistant bacteria

These benefits are similar to those of CBD oil, so what is the best option? At this time, given the lack of studies done around CBG oil for dogs and CBG oil for horses, the best option is to find a full-spectrum CBD oil that contains CBG and other minor cannabinoids and terpenes. Furthermore, the best option is to find a company that uses the same cultivar “strain” of hemp for their products, reason being, different cultivars of hemp contain different ratios of cannabinoids.

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