Candice Renoir: what awaits you in season 8 on France 2 – TV series news

Candice Renoir: what awaits you in season 8 on France 2 – TV series news

“Candice Renoir”, the successful detective series led by Cécile Bois and Raphaël Lenglet, returns this Friday evening to France 2 for an unprecedented season 8 focusing in particular on Antoine’s amnesia and marked by the arrival of a new recruit .

Fabien MALOT / BOXER 7 / FTV

Regular meeting of France 2, broadcast each year in the spring, Candice Renoir returns this evening for a new season 8 that will turn the life of the heroine embodied by Cécile Bois like never before. Remember, at the very end of season 7, when Candice and Antoine (Raphaël Lenglet) were finally ready to love each other, Antoine underwent emergency brain surgery and ended up waking up … amnesiac. Unable to recognize his great love. A little “easy” twist on paper but which is finally skillfully used from the first episode of season 8 and allows to reshuffle the cards. While bringing a little spice, and a good dose of nostalgia.

Because when the intrigue resumes, several months have passed and Antoine gradually begins to remember. From his past investigations, from his colleagues. In short, everything, except Candice! So she will be more present than ever, going so far as to hide the truth about the state of the commissioner from the rest of the team, and will try to push the man she loves to remember her and of their history. Allowing the writers to return to key moments in their relationship with the help of several flashbacks which will undoubtedly delight fans of the first hour. But will Candice manage to “find” Antoine and finally be happy? This is the challenge of this season 8, centered on the theme of memory, which will also see secrets emerge and the past of certain characters catch up with them.

Fabien MALOT – BOXER 7 – FTV

As for the police station, while Val (Yeelem Jappain) is freaking out about the idea of ​​becoming a mom and Mehdi (Ali Marhyar) is preparing for a major challenge, a new recruit arrives within the group: Lieutenant Ismael Ndongo (Christophe Ntakabanyura), freshly transferred from Marseille. Only problem: he had to take the place of Candice – who finally gave up leaving Sète for Paris – and Antoine only vaguely remembers having recruited him. Result, Ismael, who makes his first appearance in the second episode of this season 8, is not extremely well received by his new colleagues. And, that, the group could end up paying dearly for it.

These 10 new episodes of Candice Renoir, awaited for almost a year by viewers of France 2, put the police aspect at the center of intrigue more than ever, as Cécile Bois recently confided to TV Star : “Our new collection director being passionate about thrillers, the investigations will take a real place at the heart of the police comedy”. And they are therefore an opportunity to meet many famous faces over the different cases elucidated by Candice and the rest of the team, including Anne Decis (Plus belle la vie), Charlotte Gaccio (Sam), Nicolas Chupin (Meetings) , Thomas Séraphine, and Elisa Sergent (Tomorrow belongs to us) in the role of a former high school friend of Antoine.

Note that this eighth season will be offered in two stages on France 2. Indeed, at the end of the broadcast of episode 4 on May 1, the unreleased detective series will give way to reruns from the 8th May be because the chain has not yet delivered all the episodes following the interruption of post-production due to the coronavirus epidemic and containment measures, as revealed by our colleagues from Puremedias. The last 6 episodes of season 8 will therefore be broadcast later in the year, on a date not yet communicated by France 2.

The trailer for season 8 of Candice Renoir which begins this evening:

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