Candice Renoir: the France 2 series comes full circle with an “ultimate” season 10 more…

France 2 is broadcasting the first two episodes of season 10 of “Candice Renoir” tonight which, for a time announced as the last, marks in any case the end of a cycle. Before TV movies and a season 11 in the form of a reboot in 2023.

After the success of season 9, which had gathered an average of 5.6 million viewers, Candice Renoir returns this evening on France 2 for a highly anticipated new season 10 which mixes more than ever emotion and humor. And closes in a very nice way a long chapter of ten years.

A time announced as the lastthis tenth season in the form of a gift for the fans puts an end to Candice’s Sète adventures (Cecile Bois). Before event TV films and a season 11 fresh out of the hatwhich will take the form of a kind of reboot and will transport our colorful heroine to Marseille.

But while waiting for this revival, the viewers who had left Candice, Antoine (Raphael Lenglet), and their colleagues on an unbearable cliffhanger will finally find out who was hit by the shots fired in the last seconds of the season 9 finale. A dramatic introduction that will push Candice to live intensely. And to love even more.

A happy ending for Candice and Antoine?

End of the suspense: it was Candice who was hit by the bullet fired by Brigadier Monge. While the latter was shot by Mehdi (Ali Marhyar), who did not hesitate to intervene to save his superior. Injured in the region of the heart, Candice is immediately plunged into an artificial coma and wakes up three weeks later, conscious of having been close to death. She then decides to savor every moment and live her love story with Antoine in broad daylight.

To the delight of diehard fans of Candice Renoir, who vibrated to the rhythm of the hesitant waltz of the two heroes. But also Cécile Bois, who wanted to see the Candice-Antoine couple assume their relationship and experience a certain serenity of love: “When I read the scenarios, in general I place myself as a spectator. And this year I was happy to read what I wanted to see”.

“It’s like Rachel and Ross in Friends. At some point it has to work”adds Raphaël Lenglet, who once again went behind the camera this year to direct episodes 3 and 4 of this tenth batch. “What makes you laugh is the antagonisms and the obstacles. The drama is based on that. They are together again, but we always find a way to find the dog-cat relationship and the conflict”.

Stable does not mean plan-plan. Especially in the still explosive world of Candice Renoir. The flagship couple of the series therefore still has a lot of surprises in store for us. Including a dispute of anthology. Before marriage ?

Candice renoir: the france 2 series comes full circle with an "ultimate" season 10 more...
Fabien MALOT – FTV – BOXER 7

A season 10 that goes even further in laughter and emotion

If these six new episodes are so successful, it’s because they go even further in the comedy and the crazy side of Candice. Whether she is conducting the investigation from her hospital room after having “communicated” with the spirit of another comatose patient, or whether she is present “remotely”, discreetly (or almost), on a crime scene because she is unable to remain inactive during her sick leave, Candice never ceases to amaze us and does nothing like the others.

A kind of letting go which, more than ever, stems from this programmed “end”, since actors and authors knew that this season 10 marked the end of an era at the time of writing and shooting it. And the end of the series in the form that we know.

“Suddenly we are freed from a sequel. We can afford to say things without asking ourselves the question of whether or not it is good to state the sequel”confides Cécile Bois, who admits having had a lot of fun on this “ultimate” season which is not really one. “That was the goal of this season 10, to go up in color, and to take full advantage of it. To take advantage of this last season in all the places where it was possible to do so”.

But this tenth season of Candice Renoir, which sees our favorite cop prepare to become a grandmother and be confronted with unexpected twists – and inevitably comical – on the work side, also explores with a nice depth the complexity and the flaws of her heroine. Returning in particular to the trauma that turned his life upside down: the suicide of his violent father.

“We designed this season 10 as the year of transmission”explain to us Fabienne Faccothe collection director of the series who oversaw the writing of the six episodes that fans will be able to discover this evening on France 2. “At some point you have to ask yourself how Candice became Candice”. Hence the very good idea of ​​going back, supporting flashbacks, during an episode very emotional.

Candice renoir: the france 2 series comes full circle with an "ultimate" season 10 more...
Fabien MALOT – FTV – BOXER 7

And after ?

Without revealing anything, we can all the same say that this new season of Candice Renoir, the entirety of which is already available on Salto, ends with a tasty finale, totally “candicien” in spirit, which mixes nostalgia, resolution for the different characters, and a very, very special investigation. Without drama or cliffhanger this time around.

“I wanted to have a positive ending”says Fabienne Facco. “We tried to give each character a future. They all have an after”. And who says “end”, of a cycle if not of a series, obviously means reunions and surprises for viewers who can expect to see familiar faces again in the last episode co-written by Solen Roy-Pagenaultthe creator of Candice Renoir, back for the occasion.

“We wanted to bring back all the people who participated in this adventure”concludes Fabienne Facco, who also collaborated in the writing of the final titled “To praise one fine day, wait for its end”. “When writing, I brought back historical authors. We wanted everyone to participate in the end. It’s friendly”.

By becoming a grandmother and facing a new professional start, the one we met in 2013 when she took up a position as a group leader in Sète after ten years spent taking care of her four children, so kind of come full circle with this season 10.

But the series is still, after 94 episodes, one of the biggest successes of France 2, the channel could not do without Candice and her pink outfits. A first unit of 90 minutes against the backdrop of holidays for Antoine and Candice is therefore currently being filmed in Corsica, in an atmosphere between very bad trip and Some like it hot.

As for the sequel, not yet completely written and defined, it should take the form of a second Halloween-themed TV movie. Before the series returns, probably in 2023, with an eleventh season again consisting of six 52-minute episodes which will see the character of Cécile Bois make a new start in Marseille. With Antoine but without Mehdi, Ishmael, or Valentine? The future will tell.

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