Candice Renoir on France 2: what awaits you in season 9 on TV

After an eventful season 8 both in the adventures encountered by her heroine and in its broadcast, Candice Renoir is back for a season 9 this evening at 9:05 pm on France 2 with two unpublished episodes.

Deprived of her OPJ accreditation after having covered the escapades of Antoine (Raphaël Lenglet), victim of memory loss in season 8, Candice Renoir (Cécile Bois) is now on the sidelines. Although she retains her rank of commander of the Sète Urban Security Brigade, she can no longer investigate on the ground, nor write reports.

Worse still, she finds herself dethroned from her group by a new investigator: Pénélope Valier, head of the BSU narcotics group. Competent and full of ambition, she could well run for the post of commander …

On the heart side, Candice and Antoine decide to take some distance after this stormy period, and to keep simple friendships. But is this new relationship really possible for the two partners, still in love with each other?

In this new season, Maëlle Mietton (Un Si Grand Soleil) joins the cast in the role of Pénélope Valier, the ambitious new group leader who risks overshadowing Candice. Around Cécile Bois and Raphaël Lenglet, we find Ali Marhyar (Mehdi), Yeelem Jappain (Val), Olivier Cabassut (Armand), Marie Vincent (Nat) or even Clara Antoons (Emma) in their recurring roles.

Among the guests of these first episodes, we will notably discover Mounira Barbouch (seen in Clem), Julien Drion (Le Bazar de la charité), Sodadeth San (Tandem) as well as Siham Falhoune, also an actress on Un Si Grand Soleil.

In the first episode, titled “Little negligence gives birth to a great evil “, Candice, rtrained in administrative tasks, must make an inventory of the seals. While she tries somehow to look good in front of the members of the team who come to visit her in turn, a young woman arrives at the reception. An acrobatics teacher and temporary rope access technician, she claims to be the victim of harassment. By the time Candice plants her inventory to catch up with her, the young woman has disappeared, and is found dead at the foot of the Sète lighthouse. For Candice, it is certainly a murder. But how do you investigate after losing your OPJ authorization?

In episode 2, “There is no point in running”, while Candice is still reduced to the reception desk, Antoine sends Val to the scene of a road accident in which the driver was killed instantly during of an accident. But upon examining the interior of the car, Val notices that an empty stash has opened up as a result of the shock. Was the victim, a harmless-looking septagenarian, carrying drugs? Pénélope, the new boss of the stups group which assures the interim of Candice, then arrives with a dog team and confirms their suspicions. Was it really a trivial traffic accident?

Season 9 of Candice Renoir is available in preview on SALTO

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