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“Candice Renoir” returns this evening to France 2 for a season 10 which comes to put an end to the Sète adventures of the heroine, before TV films and a sequel in another form. Cécile Bois evokes these last episodes and the future of the series.

After several months of absence, Candice Renoir returns this evening to France 2 for a new season 10 which marks the end of a cycle for the detective series, before an upcoming TV movie currently being filmed in Corsica, and a season 11 just ordered which, under the guise of a reboot, will relocate the plot to Marseille. In order to mark an almost total renewal for Candice (Cecile Bois) and Anthony (Raphael Lenglet).

On the occasion of the launch of this tenth batch, Cécile Bois tells us more about these last six episodes of the Sète chapter of the series, about the reasoning which led to the decision of this “final season” (which is not not really one), and on Candice Renoir’s first single, which will soon be on the air.

AlloCiné: At the end of this tenth season, Candice Renoir will stop in its current form, that is to say 52-minute episodes taking place in Sète. After 10 seasons, did you feel like it was the right time to shake things up?

Cecile Bois : The question did not really arise in this way. Already at the end of season 3, I said to myself “Will we have something to tell in season 4?”. At the end of each season I wondered if it was important to continue. So there, naturally, at the end of season 9, I asked myself the question again. We’ve all asked ourselves that, I think.

When we knew it would be our last season, the difficulty was having the right season. dexter, for example, which I followed, they screwed up their last season. This is exactly what should not be done, all things considered of course. The fact that we were guided in the writing, in the fact that it is strong in comedy, and in the fact that there is a convincing progress both between Candice and Antoine, and in the life of each of the protagonists of the series, I thought it made sense to stop there.

The pace of work on a series like this is very demanding, especially over ten years. Did that also weigh in the balance for you? You wanted to be able to breathe a little and take time for you and your family?

Yes, I wanted to go home a little more often and be able to bounce back on different projects and characters.

The series has never been so funny and crazy as in this season 10. Did the authors want to go all out and have fun because, precisely, the end was looming? Was there an idea to let go?

I think so. Suddenly we are freed from a sequel. We can allow ourselves to say things without asking the question of knowing if it is good or not to state the rest. It was the goal of this season 10, to go up in color, and to take full advantage of it. To enjoy this last season in all the places where it was possible to do so.

It is also a season where the relationship between Candice and Antoine is finally authorized. Was it important for you that we could see them taste happiness during these last episodes?

Absolutely. When I read the scripts, in general I place myself as an actress, but I also place myself a lot as a spectator. And this year I was happy to read what I wanted to see. It has guided us a lot throughout the season.

Candice renoir on france 2: "season 10 closes a chapter" according to cécile bois - news...

These six episodes are also very deep. Your character’s youth is explored in one of the episodes, which looks back at the circumstances of his father’s suicide. Did you tell the screenwriters that you wanted to talk about Candice’s past again?

No, I hadn’t told them about it, it was the authors who decided to bring it all up again. But that’s really Candice Renoir’s DNA, and the single we’re shooting in Corsica will be further proof of that: we’re really into comedy, in form, but always with moments of deep sincerity. Which makes it possible to credit all the madness that we allow ourselves. And this season 10 explains in particular the vocation of Candice and her need to protect and do justice.

Candice is about to become a grandmother. It’s a nice way to take the next step and close the loop in a way…

The theme of this season is transmission. And as Emma was becoming a TV series heroine, it was logical and legitimate that there is a child who arrives within this season of the transmission.

Raphaël Lenglet has already directed several episodes of Candice Renoir, and he reiterates the experience on episodes 3 and 4 of this tenth round. What kind of director of actors is he?

He’s great, because he’s an actor himself. And because for ten years he has known us all very well. He knows which angle to approach us from to take us where he wants. And at the same time he is open to our suggestions. He sorts it all out. Afterwards, it is sometimes messy, it takes a lot of energy (laughs). Because he has a lot of ideas and he would like to realize them all, which is not possible.

But he’s close to us, he knows the show well, and he knows what he’d like to see and how he’d like to see things evolve. In addition, he has done script studies so he always analyzes the scenarios very sharply and very logically. We never move forward with a waste of time. And that is super interesting.

Can we expect to see old faces again in this last season which comes to close ten years of adventure before the TV movies to come?

There are surprises in the season finale, that’s for sure. But if it had been up to me, I would have brought back all the old ones (laughs).

Candice renoir on france 2: "season 10 closes a chapter" according to cécile bois - news...

What can you tell us about the first single by Candice Renoir that you have been shooting since May 11 in Corsica with Raphaël Lenglet, in an atmosphere announced between very bad trip and Some like it hot ?

As much as the end of season 10 closes a chapter, this unit opens a chapter on the relationship of Candice and Antoine. After waiting 10 years to be together, they may not be where we hope they are. It’s a TV movie that develops this against a thriller backdrop. But it’s colorful.

I had told the production that with the ambient news, and even more so since the Covid, people had to be offered what they expected when watching Candice Renoir. That is to say, a distraction, a bubble of air, a moment of levity. We don’t take ourselves seriously, we say something sincerely, but always with a smile on our face. So I thought it was necessary to bet on comedy and the scriptwriters exceeded my expectations. It goes very, very strong.

An announced time, the crossover project with Alex Hugo has been abandoned. Was it too complicated to set up in terms of schedules and production?

Frankly, the channel is the one to ask. I was ready, I believe Samuel LeBihan was too. These are internal issues. But I do not lose hope that it will happen one day. A little later, in other situations. I find the idea of ​​pink heels meeting the mountain bear appealing. It can be explosive. And I know Samuel well, for a very long time, so it would be a great reunion for us too.

You recently finished filming the series Addicted for TF1. What can we expect in this thriller?

It’s very different from Candice Renoir. It’s a mix of thriller and bitter romantic comedy. There are very strong, very defined characters. It’s made by Didier Le Pecheur with whom I wanted to work, we had been looking for each other for five years. I discovered Medi Sadoun for whom I have a lot of love, Sagamore Stevenin who has a sick talent. I am once again spoiled at the level of my playing partners. I know that it is a real chance. And I can’t wait to see the result.

Last year, you played the leading role in Gloria, already on TF1. There won’t be a season 2, that’s for sure?

A priori, no, there will be no season 2. It was discussed at some point. But the first season was so strong that it had to be at least as strong for a sequel. When you start from nothing, it’s fine, but when you have a point of comparison there is a constraint that is multiplied by two.

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