CANAL +: the films soon to be broadcast 3 to 4 months after their theatrical release?  - Cinema News

CANAL +: the films soon to be broadcast 3 to 4 months after their theatrical release? – Cinema News

While Netflix, Amazon, and Disney + could soon offer films in France only 12 months after their theatrical release, Canal + intends to retaliate to stay one step ahead, as Maxime Saada explained to Le Figaro.

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In order to counter the increasingly important strike force of streaming platforms, will films soon be broadcast on Canal + only 3 to 4 months after their theatrical release? In any case, this is the wish expressed by Maxime Saada, the chairman of the management board of the Canal + group, in an interview with the Figaro.

“The world of cinema now wants to turn to new players to ensure its funding. It is commendable. But it is on the way to doing so to the detriment of its historical partners”, explains the boss of the Canal + group.

“Admittedly, Netflix, Amazon and Disney are solid and solvent players, unlike Mediapro. But by including them in the financing of French cinema without worrying about the future of the players in place, on which most of this system is based. , French cinema is heading straight for disaster “.

Maxime Saada refers here to the fact that streaming platforms should soon be authorized to broadcast films in France 12 to 15 months after their theatrical release, instead of the 36-month deadline currently set. A reform of the media chronology studied by the government in return for the obligation to invest in French production which will be imposed on platforms such as Netflix and Disney + (an annual participation in French creation which would correspond to 20% of their turnover).

Faced with this possible big change in the chronology of the media, Maxime Saada refuses to be put at a disadvantage and would like Canal + to stay one step ahead of the platforms.

“The American platforms will regain the place occupied by Canal + before 2018 and for which we paid 200 million euros annually”, continues Maxime Saada, who recalls that the investment of Netflix, Amazon, and Disney + would amount to “50 to 60 million euros”, which is four times lower than the contribution of Canal + in French creation. The encrypted channel being the number one investor in French cinema today.

“All the schemes envisaged today will degrade Canal + ‘s position in French cinema, and consequently its future investments”. To retaliate and face the platforms, the only viable solution for Maxime Saada would therefore be to authorize Canal + to “distribute the films as soon as they are released in theaters, ie 3 to 4 months after their release”, compared to 6 to 8 months now.

A possible new scheme which, according to him, will not harm theaters, which have just reopened in France: “The French are very attached to cinemas as they have demonstrated in recent days. And we share this attachment. (…) And it is not because 5 million subscribers to Canal + are able to see the films 3 or 4 months after their release that this will undermine the force of attraction of theaters “.

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