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The Canal + group, the main funder of French cinema, has reached an agreement with representatives of the sector, which allows Canal to remain the main funder of the sector, and to obtain guarantees on the chronology of the media.

Historical financier of the 7th Art in France, the Canal + group and the French cinema industry announced this Thursday the signing of an agreement which allows Canal to remain the main financial backer in the sector, while obtaining guarantees on the burning issue of the media timeline. This governs the dates on which films can be shown, online and on television in particular, in the months following their theatrical release. These rules, which must protect creation, have been the subject of intense negotiations since the rise of streaming platforms, which are game-changing.

The deal announced Thursday is an important milestone, but by no means ends the tough negotiations over the media timeline, which are theoretically due to end this month. The deal could extend “until at least 2024” the partnership between Canal + and the French cinema industry, and provides for a “guaranteed investment of more than 600 million euros for the next three years in French and European cinema for Canal + and Ciné +”. Or € 200 million per year, tacitly renewable.

In exchange, Canal + could broadcast the films just six months after their theatrical release, and exclusively for a minimum of nine months. “In the home stretch, Canal would have obtained that free channels could not offer more than ten films at a time” t “on their catch-up platform” report the newspaper The echoes. “It is the culmination of professional negotiations which confirms Canal’s place alongside cinema” declared Alain Sussfeld, managing director of the UGC group, quoted by Les Echos.

The threats

“The signatories call for the adoption of the new media chronology proposed by the film organizations and an adjustment of the regulations by the public authorities so that this agreement comes into force as quickly as possible and secures the funding on a long-term basis. of the sector “ releases the press release accompanying the announcement of the signing of the agreement.

This is because Canal + is playing very big, even though streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney +, and very soon HBO Max, must now participate in the financing of French creation, and in particular of cinema – between 50 and 80 million euros per year approximately, by virtue of the transposition of a European directive, called SMA.

Acronym for “Audiovisual Media Services”, this aims in particular to relax the restrictions applicable to television, and to extend certain audiovisual rules to video-sharing platforms as well as to audiovisual content shared on certain social media services.

In return, the government was pushing for these streaming platforms to be able to broadcast the films not too long after their theatrical release, compared to three years today. The platforms which have yet to conclude an agreement with the world of cinema will be able to broadcast the films fifteen months after the theatrical release, instead of the twelve initially envisaged.

Contacted by Agence France-Presse, Netflix did not wish to react, indicating that it had to “first take note of the agreement”. All must agree by the end of the year, for new rules that would come into force in the first quarter of 2022, otherwise the ball will be in the government’s court to decide.

For the record, last September, Disney let planner threaten to boycott movie theaters in France. And it wasn’t because the firm no longer believes in the big screen; it was to avoid the constraints of the French media chronology. Many scholars believed it was a bluff. It prevents. This remains a good illustration of the nervousness of the actors on the subject. To be continued. up close, of course.

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