Canaima National Park is a popular tourist attraction in South America with its breathtaking collection of rivers, forests and lush savannas. Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world, is located here. The national park is home to a variety of fauna and flora that live in its lush rainforests and tepui. It is also home to the Pemon tribe who are very welcoming and warm and also serve as guides helping with Canaima National Park tours. The park is full of adventure and entertainment, making it a paradise for travelers.

Canaima National Park Facts

wildlife canaimawildlife canaima

Place: Bolivar, Venezuela
Animals of Canaima National Park: Jaguars, giant anteaters, giant river otters, ocelots, and giant armadillos
Total area covered: three lakh hectares
Established: Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 12 June 1962 in 1994

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Best time to visit Canaima National Park

The best time to visit Canaima National Park is during the months of October and November. By the month of October the rains start reducing but due to the high water level the movement of water becomes easier. There are heavy rains during the months of August and September which hamper the visibility and one is not able to enjoy the real beauty of the park. Additionally, there are no organized Canaima National Park tours for Angel Falls during the dry season from January to May, making October and November the best months to visit.

How to reach Canaima National Park?

By air: The only viable option to reach Canaima National Park is to fly from there. Flights are from Ciudad Bolivar and Puerto Ordaz.
by road: The roads here are impassable throughout the year, making it an unsafe option for travel.

Canaima National Park Map

Canaima National Park Fees and Permits

Upon arrival at Canaima Airport, a nominal fee is charged as an entry fee. In addition, yellow fever requires vaccination. If not already vaccinated, travelers can get vaccinated at the airport in Ciudad Bolivar.

Things to do in Canaima National Park

Explore hidden valleys as you travel through dense forests and grasslands. Here are some of the fascinating activities in Canaima National Park that you can enjoy during your visit.

1. Visit Angel Falls

Visit Angel FallsVisit Angel Falls

The world’s tallest waterfall, Canaima National Park’s Angel Falls falls into the famous Devil’s Canyon. One can only visit the falls as a part of an organized Canaima National Park tour. After reaching the park, one can take a boat to Angel Falls and then walk to its base. The falls are named after Jimmy Angel, who flew his plane over the falls in 1993. A visit to these falls is full of adventure and includes walking, swimming, hiking and canoeing.

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2. Enjoy the beauty of Kavak Village

Enjoy the beauty of Kavak VillageEnjoy the beauty of Kavak Village

The Heavenly Village of Kavak, a unique destination for visitors, is a tourism initiative of the Penom Indians. Situated in the valley of Karamata, this village is surrounded by lush green Savanna. On the banks of the Kavak River, Pemon camps for accommodation can be found. Live among the locals and learn about the culture and lifestyle of the Pemans and enjoy their hospitality and warmth.

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3. Backpack to the Peak of Mount Roraima

Backpack to the top of Roraima MountainBackpack to the top of Roraima Mountain


This table top mountain is near the Brazilian border of the park. It is the tallest tepui in the park. At 2810 meters above sea level, it offers a breathtaking view of the park. The journey to the summit will take 5-6 days and a guide can be hired from the base camp. Table top mountains are some of the oldest geological formations on Earth, dating back approximately two billion years, making them a must-see attraction. Climb to Maverick Rock, the highest point on the mountain.

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4. Relax at Canaima Lagoon

Relax at Canaima LagoonRelax at Canaima Lagoon

Surrounded by the beautiful waterfalls of Hacha, Vadaima, Golondrina and Ucaima, Canaima is a freshwater lagoon. Its white sandy beaches are a great place to relax amidst the green canopy of the surrounding forests, with amazing views of the cascading waterfalls below. Curiara, board a long canoe and enjoy the views of these falls up close.

5. Hike to El Sapo Waterfalls

Hike to El Sapo WaterfallsHike to El Sapo Waterfalls


El Sapo is a slightly secluded but really picturesque waterfall. The falls are not so crowded making them a peaceful place after the scenic trek to reach them. A path passes behind the waterfall and you can enjoy beautiful views while walking along its width from one end of the waterfall to the other. Walking under these waterfalls is an unforgettable experience. Take a dip in the lagoon for relief from the tropical heat of the location.

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Where to Stay in Canaima National Park

Here are the best accommodation options in Canaima National Park for a classy and comfortable stay.

1. Waku Lodge

Waku LodgeWaku Lodge

Waku is nestled in the lap of the fascinating nature of the Canaima National Park. Located right across the Canaima Lagoon, it offers spectacular views of the falls. The lodge has 12 comfortable rooms and each has a private bathroom, hot water, mosquito net and fan. The staff is attentive and hospitable.

Place: Canaima Lagoon, Canaima National Park 8001, Venezuela
Google Rating: 4.9/5 | TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
Website | tripadvisor reviews

2. Query Log

question lodgequestion lodge

Located just a short distance from the Canaima Lagoon, this is a great option to stay. Enjoy the view of the amazing waterfalls as well as the high tabletop from here. The rooms are air-conditioned and have a private bathroom. This place also has an outdoor restaurant, which serves amazing food.

Place: Canaima Lagoon, Canaima National Park, Venezuela
Google Rating: 4.3/5 | TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5
Website , tripadvisor reviews

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3. Jungle Rudy’s Ukaima Camp

Jungle Rudy's Ukaima CampJungle Rudy's Ukaima Camp

Stay at Canaima’s rustic lodge, Jungle Rudi’s Ucaima Camp. A five-minute jeep ride from the Canaima airstrip, followed by a 5-minute canoe ride will take you to this amazing camp. Sit along the Carao River and enjoy the views of the tepuis.

Place: The northern area facing the Carao River. Canaima Lagoon Sector, Canaima National Park 8001, Venezuela
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
tripadvisor reviews

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