Calm meditation app free for Kaiser Permanente members

Calm co-founders Michael Acton Smith and Alex Tew

Source: Calm

Kaiser Permanente try to calm down its 12.4 million members.

Starting Tuesday, the healthcare provider allows patients to download the Calm Free mediation app to help clients manage anxiety about the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. According to App Annie, Calm is the most popular health and fitness app on Google devices and the second on the iPhone. Paid subscriptions normally cost $ 70 per year.

Kaiser, which offers its members a combination of medical care and insurance, said that the Kaiser Family Foundation recently surveyed adults and found that a majority reported health problems associated with Covid-19, “causing sleep or eating problems, or increased consumption of alcohol or drugs. ” In March, Kaiser began offering free access to the My strength app, which includes meditation, depression and stress management programs, and ways to set and track goals.

The calm was experiencing meteoric growth even before the coronavirus forced the Americans to establish themselves and caused unemployment to skyrocket. The San Francisco-based start-up was rated by investors last year at $ 1 billion, two years after being named Apple app of the year in 2017. The app has been downloaded more than 80 million times.

Now he has a whole new set of users, who rely on the service for meditative sounds and practices as well as sleep stories from the voices of people like actor Matthew McConaughey.

Calm is not the only one on the market. Rival headspace ad agreement last month with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to offer “free meditation and mindfulness content to all New Yorkers as a mental health resource for residents facing the health crisis unprecedented public facing the state and the nation, “said a statement released at the time.

Dr. Don Mordecai, psychiatrist and Kaiser’s national leader for mental health and wellness, said the hospital, which operates in eight regions of the country, has been using Calm for about two years in a clinical setting to help patients. Now it is expanding the service to all of its members, who just need to register on the Kaiser website and can then download the app at no cost.

“For the record, the patients we referred to Calm really like it,” said Dr. Mordecai in an interview. “We are very interested in the possibility of using digital applications, and we are talking about high quality applications, and to see how these can be integrated into a processing system like ours.”

Neither Kaiser nor Calm would disclose the terms of the agreement.

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