Call of Duty: Activision investigates huge Xbox update

Call of Duty: Activision investigates huge Xbox update

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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The video game company behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is investigating why some downloads of a game update are more than double the expectations.

Activision has said that the problem was affecting some users Xbox.

Some players have reported that their consoles are downloading a file as large as 85 GB.

In theory, it would take more than three hours to download a domestic broadband connection in the UK.

In practice, however, it takes much longer, according to users.

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Download speed can be affected by the number of people trying to download the file at once and the fact that the Internet is being used for other purposes in the home

However, others said that their update is as small as 33GB.

The update introduces new weapons, narrative video scenes, maps and bug fixes for the first person shooter.

Once downloaded, it takes up only 4 GB of space more than the previous version on the hard drive.

Even so, some players have expressed concern about the amount of disk space they have to give up.

On Sony’s PlayStation 4, the installed game can now take up almost 200 GB in total, about half of the space available on the base version.

Owners can, however, eliminate some of the unused modes to free up storage space for other games and multimedia content.

The update was initially scheduled to be made available on June 3, but developer Infinity Ward said it had been held up to now to allow people to focus on rumors calling for “equality, justice and change” as part of the US protests. triggered by the killing of George Floyd.

Activision said the latest version of Modern Warfare was its best selling Call of Duty game to date, during a recent analyst briefing.

The company earns money from every seasonal update as players can pay a commission to unlock new content rather than having to spend hours earning through a variety of in-game achievements.

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