Here Is All You Need To Know About The Beautiful Country And Its Cafes

The Principality of Monaco has a ‘royal’ outlook and a touch of majestic grandeur. Opera houses, luxurious hotels and boutiques And the nightclub where the rich and famous holiday is a go-to spot for travelers who like to indulge in a bit of the ‘high-life’. There are some great cafes in every corner of this coastal state. cafes in monaco Showcase the same splendor that the city is known for.

7 best cafes in Monaco

If you are visiting Monaco, you better check out some of the amazing cafes in the country. For all your coffee related problems, these restaurants are at your service:

1. Café de Paris

parisian coffee

Elegance is the perfect word to describe this famous café. One of the best and oldest cafes in Monte Carlo, Monaco, time stands still when you sit and have a cup of coffee and enjoy the exotic cuisine they serve. With a ‘front-row’ view of the famous Place du Casino, the architecture of the brasserie will remind you of old Paris-style cafés. The windows, the bright and big halls and the way the waiters serve you dishes – everything about this place gives you a Parisian feel. This café with its old-world charm is open all day and all year round. The terrace bar of this café also serves some delectable cocktails in the evening.

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2. Gerhard’s Café

Gerhard's Café in Monaco


One thing you need to know about Monaco is that its cafes aren’t just for coffee and snacks; They also serve drinks and that is the unique thing about the café here. Gerhard’s Café in Monaco is one such great example. Casual café with nautical décor, located on the Fontville Port, with spectacular views of the Italian and French Riviera. This café has a personal touch as the owner himself welcomes you and makes you feel at home. The menu also has plenty of drinks, coffee and a variety of food. This café is a favorite hangout for both people working at the port and tourists. While the Formula One race takes place in the city of Monaco, it is difficult to find a place in this café. The owner is also credited with bringing the world famous Oktoberfest to this majestic city.

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3. Valentine Coffee

Valentine's Day Coffee


This charming little café is in the center of Monte Carlo and is located in an arcade, the Park Palace Gallery. The café brings the flavor and taste of Italy to this city with its amazing selection of coffee and dishes. What makes this café unique and worth a visit is its pastry section. Plus, the fact that they don’t have a fixed menu; It changes every day, keeping the food fresh and healthy for you to eat. This is also a café where you can interact with strangers and still have a good time, especially with the very friendly owners of this café. The café’s decor is simple but elegant while you enjoy a glass of wine and enjoy the special pleasures of the day. The café also serves an amazing tapas dinner, which is totally worth it.

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4. Emily’s Cookies

coffee cup


The name speaks for itself. Started in 2007 by two neighbors in Nice, France, they have branches throughout France and its first branch was opened in Monaco in 2013. Located on Promenade Hon, this chic café serves one of the best cookies you will ever taste. The decor is so Parisian with its light colored chairs and tables that it adds to the experience. Additionally, some soothing lighting and an overall relaxing ambiance is also provided. Of course, the delicious, melt-in-your-mouth cookies are the reason it’s worth a visit; You even get them free when you order coffee! But, what’s even more exciting is the range of hot chocolate combinations the café offers. The bagels and smoothies at this café are also delicious and worth trying. It’s one of those cafes where you enjoy the ambiance, drink coffee and have a bite of cookie – all at a slow pace.

5. Gran Café

great coffee


This café is all about location. Amazing is the word to describe it. This is a lovely and large café located right next to Monaco’s train station. The decor is again Parisian, but with a touch of modernism in the furniture and lighting. Serving Italian cuisine, their menu changes every day and hence, you can rest assured that the food they serve you is as fresh as you can get. It’s a lounge bar and a café, so you get your usual coffee and food, but you also have great wines and cocktails. The café serves home-made cakes and even the famous Italian gelato with your cup of coffee and if you have any pets, they are welcome too, as it is a pet-friendly café.

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6. Metcafe

Biscuits and Coffee


Locals will vouch for the Cappuccino here and they say it is the best; We couldn’t agree more. Located in Metropole, one of the busiest malls, this cute yet charming café will surprise you. Chef Joël Robuchon knows his food and drinks well and all the dishes he serves here are delicious and fresh. It offers a variety of creative cakes and pastries, hot and cold dishes, salads, sandwiches and more. They serve peppermint tea made with real peppermint. Authentic and trendy, this café draws crowds throughout the day; So, when you find a place there, go there. You definitely don’t want to miss the treats at this café.

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7. Sweet therapy

sweet dish scene


This place is heaven for both adults and children; Even more so for the latter. The place is magical because of the variety of sweets it offers. For adults, they even have Champagne Candies! What else does anyone need! ‘Phool’ is a great place to sit and enjoy the view and enjoy some sweet dishes. Sweet and salty popcorn, milkshakes, fresh fruit smoothies – you name it and they have it. The staff there is very helpful and more than happy to help you choose the best candy to take home. There are so many types of candy combinations to choose from that you will be confused to choose. If you don’t know what else to buy, how about a bouquet of marshmallows! This is a boutique for candies and it will definitely be difficult to pull your child out of this wonderland. It’s a mini-candy town with options like sugar-free, gluten-free, animal gelatin or even vegan!

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The majestic city of Monaco is filled with many such cafes. Cafés in Monaco are not limited to just traditional coffee and snacks, they bring variety and therein lies the charm of these cafés. Some are large and majestic with old-world charm, while some are modern and chic and offer a relaxing ambiance. There are even cafes that serve gelato as their specialty! A trip to Monaco will be a perfect blend of food, drink, beauty.

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