Caesar 2021: what form will the ceremony take?

While the announcement of the 2021 Caesar nominations has just taken place, what form will the ceremony take in this context where the pandemic still prevents the organization of shows with the public? Response elements.

Caesar 2021: what form will the ceremony take?

A new wind should blow this year on the Césars after the important reform which took place within the Academy, with the departure of Alain Terzian, president of the Academy, and the election at the beginning of September 2020. of a new assembly, totally renewed and equal.

Adaptation? Reinvention? What form will the ceremony take, which is likely to be held in a context that is still very complex and restrictive, due to the pandemic and the ban on gatherings in theaters.

Guests yesterday morning on RTL, the filmmaker Eric Toledano, vice-president of the César, and the agent Elisabeth Tanner, member of the board of the Academy, gave some details. “To be honest, we improvise. We are all facing uncertainty“, launched Eric Toledano, before adding that the idea will most certainly be inspired by what was attempted this year around the Revelations evening (in this case, an event almost behind closed doors, with a number of people reduced to its minimum).

We will wait until the last moment to have the best chance of having the nominees in the room, the remitters, the minimum number of people … “, he continues. “Certainly few public or maybe no public. Maybe with tests we can do things. It is with the historic partner Canal + that we are discussing the most at the moment on the form that will take. Once again, the most important thing is that it takes place, and that we do not miss this event, that we do not abdicate.

For Elisabeth Tanner, it is essential to remember the love brought to the cinema hall, as the posters of this ceremony testify. “Everyone actually thinks it was time to remind people of the importance of the room. The importance of a ceremony is there to effectively recall that there were 140 films in the year, and why all those who made these films would have suddenly gone to the ace while they have been rather brave to release the films this year. “

It is precisely when it is closed, when we have one knee on the ground, that in our common opinion – I am talking about the office which was elected – show a strong signal to say that the worst would have was to go over it and have a blank year, or forget those who came out this year“, adds Eric Toledano. And to add:”There are still few countries in the world which, despite being closed for 6 months during the year, offer more than 120 films.

César 2021: Marina Foïs mistress of ceremonies, why is it important?

In Les Inrockuptibles appeared today, Marina Foïs who will host the evening, gives in her turn some elements of answer on the turn that the evening could take: “We are currently working on a face-to-face ceremony, with all the nominees. While some logistical aspects may change depending on the epidemiological context, there are some things we can move forward on: working on films and tributes, in particular to Michel Piccoli. But it is sure that if we are forced to do them without an audience, it changes the way of writing. We will have to adapt. ”For the record, the texts of Marina Foïs will be co-written with Blanche Gardin and Laurent Lafitte.

This tribute to those who left us in 2020 and at the start of the year (Michel Piccoli, Claude Brasseur, Wladimir Yordanoff, Robert Hossein, Jean-Loup Dabadie, Guy Bedos, Michael Lonsdale, Ennio Morricone, Tonie Marshall, Juliette Gréco, Jean-Pierre Bacri …) should certainly greet Jean-Claude Carrière, whose death we learned yesterday:

Still in the cultural weekly, Marina Foïs gives her point of view on the maintenance of the ceremony: “I think it is very important for the whole profession that the Caesars are held this year. It is both an act of resistance and a pleasure to celebrate cinema. It would have been an additional punishment to cancel, as filming and film projects are still carried out with boundless energy. The desire to create and share our art is stronger than the constraints linked to the epidemic. We stand ready“.

The nominees were chosen from among 351 films (including 125 for the César for Best Feature Film) and from 1,760 eligible people, at the end of a more than special year, during which the cinemas will remain closed for five months on twelve.

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23 Caesar will be awarded, including the high school student’s Caesar. Exit, however, the Caesar criticized by the public. The 2021 edition, the 46th ceremony, will be held on March 12, this year in the Olympia hall. Roschdy Zem, César for Best Actor 2020 (for Roubaix, une lumière), will preside over the ceremony. Benjamin Biolay will conduct the orchestra.

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