By the way … When was the first time a film was censored?

Censorship in the cinema is almost as old as the birth certificate of the 7th Art … But do you know exactly the first work to be censored?

By the way... When was the first time a film was censored?

It is hardly surprising that the first bursts of censorship took place around the same time that the cinematograph was revealed to the world …

Fatima Coochie Coochie Dance, produced in 1896 and shot for Thomas Edison, was thus the first censored film in the history of cinema. It was then estimated that the movements of the bust and especially of the pelvis of Fatima Djemille, a famous oriental dancer of the time in the United States, were much too suggestive for the morals of the time … Hence the caches that you can “admire” in the video below.

Target of the Pacific Society for the Suppression of Vice, one of the many virtues leagues whose favorite targets were licentious literature, obscene books and images, the sale of morphine, cocaine, opium, tobacco, spirits, and lottery tickets (non-exhaustive list. ..), this dance of Fatima logically irritated the Puritans launched in their crusades. Fortunately, the original, uncensored negative of this short has been preserved.

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