By the way pécho on Netflix: what is this film adapted from the web-series of the same name?

Netflix subscribers can discover it today on the platform En passant pécho (the carrots are cooked). What is this well crossed out film?

What is it about ?

Hedi and Cokeman are the two worst dealers in Paris. Small-time scammers, they survive by passing off carambars for bars of hash. This is Hess !!! Tired of this way of life, their daily life will become considerably clearer when Zlatana, Hedi’s little sister, gets married to a great drug lord: Arsène Van Gluten. The latter, under the pressure of his new wife, will provide them with several kilos of Mojo Mango, first-hand cannabis. Hedi and Cokeman finally have the opportunity to open their own network. Convinced that this means the end of the galley for them, they are still unaware that this is only the beginning of the problems …

From web series to feature films

In November 2019, Netflix announced the production of En Passer pécho – the carrots are cooked, a feature film sequel to the crazy adventures of Hedi and Cokeman. These two colorful characters were featured in the web series of the same name released in 2013 on Youtube. In total, the 7 episodes of a dozen minutes each have been viewed 32 million times (to date). No wonder then if Netflix has bet on this duo of loosers for its new French production. Julien Royal, co-director of the series (Ken & Ryu), is back behind the camera. He could count on the help of Nassim Lyes to writing. The latter finds on screen his friend Hedi Bouchenafa – whom he had also met again in season 1 of Marseille – for new gags. And on this occasion, the interpreter of Cokeman brought out the fur coat and its timeless tight white briefs.

By the way pécho on netflix: what is this film adapted from the web-series of the same name?

Netflix france

By the way pécho – carrots are cooked uses the same formula as the web-series while being more ambitious. Our two companions leave their building bar to live a manor life – well almost – and see even bigger. But we reassure you, the tone is always so absurd and sassy, ​​the replicas fuse (based on “hess“, of”schlass“, of”golgoth” and of “rodave“) and the gags are linked for 1h30.

The web-series called on guests, as did the feature film: we find Fred Testot, Vincent Desagnat, Jonathan Lambert but also comedians Benjamin Tranie, Bun-Hay Mean and Hakim Jemili. On the BO side, Netflix has done things well by calling on several artists. Two titles have already been unveiled on social networks: Ashe and Stavo – Balafre and LaCrim ft DJ Kore – Mango. The clip is from elsewhere visible here.

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