Bullit and Riper on CANAL +: what is this Pamela Rose sound suite?

This year, Kad and Olivier put the sound back on and give voice to “Bullit and Riper”. Available on myCANAL, this third film in the Pamela Rose saga offers a tasty format, to watch with the ears. Listening to it is adopting it!

It is a Kad-O that some have already hastened to unpack! On the night of December 24 to 25, 2020, at midnight sharp, Douglas Riper and Richard Bullit made their big comeback. CANAL + has indeed shone the spotlight on the new adventures of the cult duo through the 3rd opus of the Pamela Rose saga. The pitch? While they are in full burn-out, our two heroes are sent for cure in Colorado, in an establishment run by psychiatrist Cliff Murdoch. This is where the sheriff contacts them after the assassination of the governor’s son … A very mysterious murder, and which is far from being the first to strike in the region. How much awaited, this feature film from ET with Kad Merad and Olivier Baroux has many surprises in store for aficionados. The first of them? This is not a film like any other, since it is the very first to watch yourself … with your ears!


More than 24 years after their birth on Oui FM, the stars of the radio soap opera “Who killed Pamela Rose” offer themselves a real homecoming for their resumption of service. Kad and Olivier have swapped film sets for a studio in order to record this third part. No more cameras, sets and costumes, it is behind a microphone and with headphones on the ears that the legendary tandem has found itself. And this after having marked the big screen in But who killed Pamela Rose by Eric Lartigau, in 2003, then in its sequel released in 2012. To offer an immersive experience of unprecedented quality to its audience, the actors do not have not hesitated to go to great lengths by surrounding themselves with film technicians and a first-rate cast.

Bullit and riper on canal +: what is this pamela rose sound suite?

Canal +

The finest ears will no doubt recognize many voices rocking Bullit and Riper’s gags. Lionel Abelanski, Laurence Arné, Thomas Ngijol, Anne Charrier and even Nikos Aliagas, among others, have indeed lent themselves to the dubbing game. An innovative format, an irresistible cast, scenes as original as they are hilarious and lines that have everything to become cult: Bullit and Riper could have stopped there, but it would be bad to know CANAL + and Kad and Olivier. The icing on the cake is the possibility of listening to the 90 minute film in two different ways. Either in one go, or at the rate of six episodes each lasting 15 minutes. Something to delight fans of series as well as moviegoers, seduce fans and attract neophytes… We say bingo!

Bullit and Riper, is available in two formats (1x90min or 6x15min) on myCANAL. And also find the first two opus Mais qui killed Pamela Rose and Mais qui a re-killed Pamela Rose on myCANAL.

And find all the news CANAL + on AlloCiné.

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