Bronx on Netflix: what becomes of David Belle, hero of Banlieue 13?

“Bronx”, Olivier Marchal’s new thriller, is available on Netflix. On this occasion, small focus on one of its actors: the very athletic David Belle, revealed in 2004 by “Banlieue 13”.

Initiator of the Yamakasi group and of “Parkour”, an extreme street art which allows him to move freely in an urban environment, David Belle is also destined for comedy. After a few appearances, notably in Femme fatale by Brian De Palma, he meets Luc Besson. Impressed by his physical qualities, the latter first offered him to participate in the film Yamakasi. But the strained relations with his former companions prevent him from taking part in the project.

Bronx on netflix: what becomes of david belle, hero of banlieue 13?

Mika cotellon

Kaaris, Stanislas Merhar, Lannick Gautry and David Belle in Bronx

Besson did not forget the actor, however, and hired him as a stuntman on Les Rivières pourpres 2 – the angels of the apocalypse. It is on this film that David Belle meets Cyril Raffaelli, also stuntman and actor. Quickly inseparable, the two men bond with a strong friendship that they later materialize on screen in the explosive Banlieue 13 by Pierre Morel, written and produced by Besson. The film made almost a million admissions and received a sequel in 2009.

David Belle also appears in Babylon AD by Mathieu Kassovitz, the mafia comedy Malavita by Besson and especially Brick Mansions, an American remake of Banlieue 13 led by the late Paul Walker. At the same time, he works on the waterfalls of Prince of Persia: the sands of time and Colombiana.

But overall, the stunt actor tends to be rarer on the screens. He does, however, appear in the little-known action films Super Express (2016), Defying Chase (2018), Invisible Tattoo (id.) And The Rescue (2019), which do not receive a theatrical release. In 2017, he carried, along with Jo Prestia, Pierro Murat, David Saracino and Philippe Nahon, the police webseries Forever, where he slipped into the shoes of an arms dealer.

In 2020, we find him on the poster for the Bronx thriller by Olivier Marchal. Released on Netflix, David Belle plays a member of the anti-gang squad, which also includes Lannick Gautry, Stanislas Merhar and Kaaris. The film takes place in the northern districts of Marseille. Following a massacre, two rival cops are in charge of the investigation: Vronski, of the anti-gang brigade and Costa, a group leader of the BRB with questionable practices. The situation escalates when a key witness is assassinated …

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