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Hugh Grant has not resumed his role as Daniel Cleaver in “Bridget Jones Baby”, the third installment of the saga broadcast this Thursday evening M6. The British actor had given in 2016 the reasons for this absence.

In The Diary of Bridget Jones and Bridget Jones: The Age of Reason, respectively released in theaters in 2001 and 2004, Hugh Grant plays Daniel Cleaver, the boss of the heroine played by Renée Zellweger. But the actor is no longer part of Bridget Jones Baby, the third part of the saga broadcast this Thursday evening on M6.

Why is Hugh Grant no longer in the credits of the franchise while Colin Firth has taken over his role as lawyer Mark Darcy? In a 2016 interview with Bustlewhile promoting the film Florence Foster Jenkins, the British actor provided the answer himself.

Hugh Grant was approached to play in Bridget Jones Baby, but if the deal did not materialize, it was simply because he did not like the script. “When they came to see me a few years ago, they had a good base, but I found that the scenario did not work completely”said the actor.

As a reminder, the theatrically released Bridget Jones Baby sees the heroine single again after breaking up with Mark Darcy. Everything is under control until she meets another man, finds Darcy and discovers… that she is pregnant! But from whom?

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“So I worked with them for a while, almost a year, I think, and I never got the second part to work, especially in terms of my character.”continues Hugh Grant, who does not reveal the details of the scenario if he had played in the film. “At the end, we kind of ran out of time and I said ‘I think you should do the movie with someone else.’

Ce “someone else”, it is the actor Patrick Dempsey, who embodies in Bridget Jones Baby the character of Jack, another suitor of the bubbly heroine. Was Hugh Grant seduced by this third part in which he failed and whose scenario undoubtedly evolved following his refusal? “I saw the movie”he told Bustle. “I find that there are very amusing things.” Handsome player.

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