Brice de Nice: how did Jean Dujardin create his cult character?

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While the comedy “Brice de Nice” is broadcast this Tuesday evening on W9, we come back to the creation by Jean Dujardin of this character unlike any other.

But how was the unpayable Brice de Nice born, whose first cinematographic adventures are broadcast this Tuesday evening on W9? The idea for this colorful character (especially yellow), started with a real Brice, who attended the same final year class as Jean Dujardin. and who spent his time “breaking” people by taking himself for someone intelligent and very spiritual.

In order to obtain an interesting character, Jean Dujardin decided to “mix” this strange individual, archived in the back of his mind, with a surfer. Indeed, living in the Medoc region at the time, the comedian had the opportunity to meet practitioners of the discipline and observe them, “at least those who preferred to juggle or show off instead of yawning.”

Work on clothing and stylistic details was also carried out. “At the level of his” staïle “, the blonde wig was essential immediately”, says Dujardin. “The same goes for the kind of false tooth on the neck and the very yellow, tight-fitting T-shirt I bought in a girls’ clothes store. A friend from the Fine Arts had the idea to put the first name on it with the Nike typeface, which was extremely pretentious. ” Thus was born in 1995 Brice de Nice, a key figure in the actor’s first shows.

Jean Dujardin unveils his character of Brice de Nice in 1997 in the show Graine de star:

For the passage on the big screen of this original and smiling boy, Jean Dujardin will bring together his various sketches and, interested in a feminine point of view on the subject, will join the services of his friend screenwriter Karine Angeli, who wrote for the cult series A boy a girl. It should also be noted that to become Brice, the actor followed for five months a physical preparation with a coach, at the rate of six hours per week.

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Brice de nice: how did jean dujardin create his cult character?

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