Brice 3: you will never see these scenes in the film!

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The King of the Scrap lands on TV tonight. And on this occasion, discover two cut scenes from Brice 3, directed by James Huth and worn once again by Jean Dujardin.

Brice 3: you will never see these scenes in the film!
Christine Tamalet / 2016 Mandarin Production – JD Prod

Broadcast this evening on W9, the indebted Brice de Nice returns in Brice 3, still directed by James Huth. No need to look for where the second part went. There are not any ! Because – as Jean Dujardin announced -: “Brice broke it! He does what he wants, it’s Brice!”

Just like you also won’t see the two scenes below in the movie, which have been cut!

The god of the sea

In this excerpt cut from Brice 3, our ascendant snowboarder tells one of his (false) misadventures in front of a subjugated audience (and wearing his colors). Our surfer from Nice, facing Mavericks, THE wave he has been waiting for all these years. Cinephiles will no doubt have noticed this reference to the movie Alien where “in space, nobody hears you scream” becomes “in the sea no one hears you screaming“. A delusional scene that ends with a joke from our Brice from Nice when he realizes that no one around him knows his idol, Bodhi (Patrick Swayze) from Point Break.

Brice and his T-Shirts …

Brice, an inveterate thug… In this sequence, we find the Niçois in his hut on the beach, between two yellow t-shirts (washed in sea water) and his altar in honor of his hero, Bodhi. And when Brice hears glass breaking, the temptation is too great! Touching and funny at the same time, this cut scene shows us a hero withdrawn from him… before his best friend, Marius (Clovis Cornillac) calls him for help on the other side of the world!

By the way, Fabrice de Nice, the fish of our blonde-haired surfer, also makes a short cameo in this excerpt from Brice 3 !

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