Brazil’s beef and soy exports to the EU linked to illegal deforestation, study finds

Brazil’s beef and soy exports to the EU linked to illegal deforestation, study finds

Study and rotten apples, and Brazil’s agribusiness, “published in the journal Science on Thursday permitted to join rural deforestation in the Amazon cerrado possessions and exports of agricultural production in the EU countries.
Biodiverse region of Brazil’s cerrado savannah, forest field, that spans approximately 200 million hectares (500 million acres out). Of these regions with undergraduate film has been taken into account Brazil to the entire global demand for food – a way for cattle pastures, and then turned around for livestock feed and exported to grow soy and women of different parts.

Brazil’s agricultural and energy, especially when it is found that deforestation-free output, 2% of the properties studied in the Amazon cerrado, and are judged against the law 62% of deforestation. A meaningful that deforestation is linked to agricultural exports, the study said.

“These small, but it is much more pernicious threat is a part of it is placed in the region of the affairs of the committee are appointed for Brazil’s agribusiness, in addition to causing the fall of region and global environmental consequences,” said the authors of the report.

Jair Bolsonaro the Brazilian president said that where protecting the forest is our duty, thanks to fight illegal deforestation in the Amazon and other criminal activities in our risk. ”

Meanwhile, far to the right and have vowed I will explore the rainforest, the pro-business economic potential. And in China, the country’s largest trade partner and imports of beef and soy ramped up from US trade with Brazil in the wake of war.

Bolsonaro’s critics say that the rapid dismantling of environmental charge of economic policies and to set the stage for the environmental disaster.


to make That link between the deforestation and agricultural exports; the team – led by Raoni Raja, a professor in Social Studies of Science Federal University of Minas Gerais – Brazil district and maps prepared the earth and deforestation in the Amazon cerrado 815,000 rural properties, as well as cattle transport documents. Even in diameter and deforestation latest software as everything is studied EQUAL comply with the laws.

He found that nearly 1.9 million metric tons of soy grown with illegal deforestation in the properties to be reached annually EU markets. 22% means that the soy exported to the EU country of potentially contaminated.

The authors remind everyone that is true, those are 80% higher than the ideal region covered soy planted.

Roughly 41% of soy EU’s imports come from Brazil, the equation to 13.6 million metric tons per year.

Amazon is that in the world, eats the food and burning

Between 40% and 25% of Brazil beef imports coming EU. 12% to 4.1 million study estimates that they have cows in slaughterhouses and in the state in 2017 and Mato Grosso, has the potential to read directly from the properties of deforestation.

50% of the increases in the number of law has been instructed by indirect contact with deforestation. This includes from the one he bought the cattle, and if not, in a village not DeForest, that it is not.

In order to study the acute state and Mato Grosso, where the contamination of beef exports by law deforestation in the Amazon could be as high as 44% and 61% in cerrado regions.

The report, according to the Brazilian government controls “under the laws of the country concerned with preserving high standards, and ships logs Abuse shut it had legitimately deforestation.” The result will not have a huge effect can proceed to the trade countries agreed to the use they carried to convey to know linked to deforestation in the Amazon could be ugly.

“International buyers from Brazil’s agricultural matters have raised concerns about contamination by products such as deforestation,” the authors said in the report. “This is to take care of the increasing greenhouse gas emissions from forest fires and deforestation in Brazil mitigation efforts could change the air outside the EU.”


Brazilian Rainforest deforestation in fact be useful. Nearly 64% increase in April this year, the same month the year, according to data from Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE). In April, more than 156 square miles (405.6 square kilometers) of rainforest were destroyed – a million more than double the size swath of Washington, 600.

In the first trimester of 2020 has already seen more than a 50% increase in deforestation compared to last year, according to INPE data.

Great swaths of the rainforest were burned down in the year of the mass, is to encourage the accused of the Brazilian President of the Bolsonaro base ranchers, miners, that are to cut in, and the place of the use of fire, quickly advance to cut down trees in the clear, he sends up the meadows and crops and cattle. By November 2019, and deforestation in the Amazon left to the rate in more than a decade at the highest level.
Brazil's Bolsonaro says he loves, and the Amazon.  But the words and deeds of the soul in order to lose weight do the same,

As global demand for food to swoop down and put it in Brazil and China, and the supply of soybeans, along with a trade war between the US experts worry that Brazil’s agricultural boom will come at the cost of cerrado places like the Amazon.

In their report, the study authors found that their properties were 120,000 in 2008. The properties were deforested in the Amazon 36,000 – representing 84% – and 27,000 miles in cerrado – 35% – said that deforestation is carried out in items that are made in this propaganda.

The authors said that “all economic partners to increase Brazil should share the blame deforestation and GHG (greenhouse gas) does not import bananas from barring agricultural consumer products and contaminated by deforestation, or not to be.”

The authors of the report raised awareness of the importance of pressing Brazil “to conserve its environmental good” and international efforts to cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Stress CNN’s Richard Woodyates Flora charnm Mackintosh attention.

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