Brazilian native leader fights off coronavirus to take on the President

Brazilian native leader fights off coronavirus to take on the President

“We have a very strong spirituality has been and will be taken me from my hand and said this is the care of my people,” he said.

Her father likewise, following the passing of his mother is dead, and for five days. Tseremeywá head shaved in a traditional display of mourning his mother’s hopes can lead to the instruction Xavante people from Covid-19.

With this humiliation combat the coronavirus, Tseremeywá first step was to try to listen to the people, Brazil’s President Bolsonaro Jair.

“I would be a fool Jair Bolsonaro stop talking nonsense. The doctors do not prescribe to the President,” tells Tseremeywá video call from my home state of Mato Grosso do Brasil. “With this fascist, anti-indigenous, anti-poor government, and does not take very seriously. To that do not need a government by the people, for the people “.

Bolsonaro downplayed the potential with respect to coronavirus months: and they were laughing at him that he had “the disease of less than” and says she will have to wear out in public by a person who was, by his own and the safety of his ministers, with the good of the heart, and, ordered by a judge.
Brazil's President-Gravedigger takes very seriously than 19 Covid
19-chairman became Brazil’s most famous Covid patient when he revealed that tested positive last week. At the weekend, and was seen walking with a small group home in Brazil outside the presidential sunshine. He himself took to Twitter after him, too, with the title of “From the time that.”

And sew a string of more than 72,000 dead and almost no mention of the vice 2 million, according to US only, but instead focused on the economy.

“Millions of jobs, and put tens of thousands income country is on the brink of a recession,” according to the families tweeted that it is “depoliticize” with a pandemic is only “used as a weapon of misinformation.”

The right side of the Amazon rainforest farms now is Brazil's indigenous tribes.

A century ago, when the British explorer John Fawcett disappeared into the thick jungle of Mato Grosso searching for the lost city of Z, which is Xavante Tseremeywá edge of the Amazon to himself.

Even today, who hoped to be a coronavirus away from Xavante field Seneca Terowa’a, secretary of members of the Federation of people Indians and organizations of Mato Grosso, told CNN before.

But the floor of the forest was surrounded, the great cattle and the fields, and many of Sinai, in the supply of soybeans and the United States of America which, there is nothing beyond this world, and keeping himself far from the pandemic of it.

He who kills a person accidentally when he came to this country, there was a gram nonsolotango coronavirus, to die before him. Since that was touched the indigenous people, mountain burned with fire unto the man of the men of the immune system is already vulnerable population to contend, diabetes, high above the common way of living that does not make the outside of the world according to the Greeks, even of allies all, and far remote.

Tseremeywá people will not have a partner to make more Barra Garcia, Roberto Farias Angel is a fear of power.

“It’s a bomb,” he said. “Today 200 tomorrow, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000. For the day of the desert, they make in order to keep from ancient times. And because we have seen the President and the minister also embraced by senators and deputies, in order to build a field hospital.”

To raise your pain is trying to Clarencii Urepariwe Xavante supply of money to the village.

According to Brazil’s official numbers 13.801 850.000 of the nation’s indigenous people have been infected with the coronavirus 491 killed, and he gave a sad lack warned that they are the same numbers reflect the true toll.

As pandemic spread, Congress passed the Brazil’s bill, which would provide clean water and disinfectant for hospital beds, but the natives of their country’s 850,000 natives efforts were vetoed Bolsonaro.

Many groups have to rely on the charity neighbors, NGOs or donations from others on their own alarm Covid-19 has swept aid.

“We are our youth,” said Clarence Urepariwe now running the campaign to raise money to buy enough oxygen in their town Xavante.

“We not only with the loss of our fathers: but we became little for the fatherless, knowledge, and wisdom, and of the culture of life, very important. The loss of the elders answered, we are our own, and with them, and thus the life of our care.”

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