Brand New Cherry Flavor on Netflix: why you have to see this amazing and psychedelic series

Adapted from the eponymous novel written by Todd Grimson, the “Brand New Cherry Flavor” series is perhaps the weirdest thing you’ll see on Netflix. Do not miss.



Los Angeles, 1990s. An aspiring filmmaker, Lisa Nova, embarks on a vengeful and supernatural journey, from the streets of Beverly Hills to the forests of Brazil.

Brand New Cherry Flavor, a series created by Nick Antosca and Lenore Zion.

Available on Netflix


In absolute indifference, without any promotion, Brand New Cherry Flavor joins the huge catalog of Netflix. However, his madness, his creativity and his singular universe deserve all the attention of a public eager for originality. The 8-episode mini-series takes you on a trip to the Hollywood of the nineties. In this jungle where glory is the ultimate culmination – especially if you have to crush others to achieve it – it is never good to be a young woman with dreams in her head.

This is unfortunately the case with Lisa Nova, a young talented filmmaker who wants to break into the industry with a very personal film that she intends to make. Falling into the clutches of a villainous producer, she discovers the reality of a ruthless environment while her project falls apart. When her path crosses that of Boro, a stranger with a punk look, both witch and junkie, she will plan her revenge.

Brand new cherry flavor on netflix: why you have to see this amazing and psychedelic series


Catherine Keener as a bewitching Hollywood witch.

Adapted from Todd Grimson’s 1996 novel, Brand New Cherry Flavor opens the doors to a creepy, hallucinatory world in which the heroine vomits kittens for the purposes of a ritual – yes, you read that right. Populated by wacky, sometimes disturbing characters, the series is a true love letter to surrealist cinema and in particular to the master of the genre, David Lynch. It is impossible not to think of his cult works, starting with Mulholland Drive and Lost Highway – whose images of a road are evoked from the opening scene.

Without falling into an easy and Manichean mechanism, the intrigue fascinates by closely following this heroine, destitute – or almost – facing sharks in search of fresh flesh. Punished for having refused a sexual advance, she is invisible and dispossessed of her job. A story that necessarily refers to the many testimonies of the MeToo wave – although the action of the series takes place 30 years ago.

This journey towards the absurd and the bizarre is also worth it for its main actress, Rosa Salazar – the Alita of Robert Rodriguez -, but also a Catherine Keener always so disturbing, transformed here into queen of voodoo. There is no doubt that the extravagance of Brand New Cherry Flavor will be able to disconcert some. For others, the best is to get on board and let yourself be sucked in.

Check out the trailer for “Brand New Cherry Flavor”:

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