“Brad stole the part from me!” : which actor wanted to play in Thelma & Louise? – Cinema news

"brad stole the part from me! " : which actor wanted to play in thelma & louise? - cinema news

Having become a classic since its release in 1991, “Thelma & Louise” by Ridley Scott also revealed an actor still in the making but promised a great career: Brad Pitt. And the latter was able to take the place of another well-known beginner…

Become a classic since its release in 1991, Thelma and Louise largely orbited the career of Geena Davisand had allowed the revelation of a young actor promised to a bright future: brad pitt. If the interested party regularly scoured the castings since the mid-80s in small roles, it is really with the work of Scott that his career will follow an irresistible ascent.

An insolent success which hurt another actor who was also starting out at that time, who was also running the castings, between Return of the Killer Tomatoes, Grizly II: Revenge and the TV series Roseane : George Clooney !

He will tell, always with humor, how he had his hair done on the post for the role of the seductive hitchhiker Geena Davis. “He snatched me the role of the hitchhiker who hit Geena Davis in Thelma & Louise under my nose. I won’t tell you about the slap I took. This role catapulted him.

I was so upset that for years I refused to watch this movie. Then one day I rented it and, frankly, I have to admit: Brad Pitt blew me away. He was really very good. But I took revenge in ocean’s eleven. It was me who was kissing Julia Roberts ! I even gave him another killer blow later.

On the set of Ocean’s 12, Brad kept teasing me. So I stuck a sticker on the back of his Toyota Prius. On this sticker, one could read “I am gay and I vote”. Another day, on his door, I stuck: Small penis on board. Brad took the freeway to Los Angeles as well.

Along the way, other motorists honked at him. Some were waving at him, but he thought it was for his beautiful eyes. It was only 48 hours later that he realized he was carrying around with such a macaroon!

“I hate Brad Pitt!”

History of carrying the thrust better, Geena Davis told in 2016 this anecdote on the host’s TV set James Cordenexplaining how much she fell in love with Brad Pitt during the auditions, to the point of completely forgetting her little competitor Clooney.

“Everyone wanted this role. So they had made a shortlist of five candidates. And I had to do readings with them. So, I read with them. There were four brunettes. They were all very good, and cute . Then Brad (Pitt) came in. And I kind of forgot my lines. I was holding the script and I was like… He was saying his line and I was like… No… uh… Why? Anyway, they ended up taking it.”

A few years later, Geena Davis ran into George Clooney on a plane. “A long time ago, I was flying home from Geneva, and the stewardess came up to me and said, ‘Guess who you’re sitting next to! George Clooney!”

I said to myself: “Guess who he is sitting next to”. In short, he was very nice, I had never met him. And he ended up saying, “I hate Brad Pitt!” I said to him: “No, you are good friends, aren’t you?” He replied, “Oh, I hate him because he got the part in Thelma and Louise.” I said, “And you, did you want the part? And he said, ‘It didn’t show when we did the reading together?’

The actress did not actually remember having given him the reply during the tests for the role, even if she pretended to remember it, just so as not to offend him too much. Nice !

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