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Brad Pitt offers viewers a tasty cameo in the action comedy “The Secret of the Lost City”, currently in theaters. The opportunity to come back to some offbeat performances by the Hollywood star throughout his career.


The feature film The Secret of the Lost Citynow in theaters, sees Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum embarked on a crazy treasure hunt. At the start of their hectic journey, our heroes come across a handsome and zen mercenary who does not leave them indifferent.

In the role of the said mercenary, we find brad pitt for a tasty and generous cameo of several minutes. A role that the 58-year-old Hollywood star got thanks to her hairdresser (yes, yes!) and a collaboration that Bullock and Tatum are ultimately not going to forget, as they enthusiastically told the microphone of AlloCiné.


In the feature film true romancerealized by Tony Scott and worn by the duo Christian Slater / Patricia Arquette, is a character that is at the very least offbeat. This character is Floyd, a roommate squatter who consumes a lot of joints, embodied on screen by brad pitt. Quite amusing to see the actor in this very smoky role for which he improvised a few lines.

Note that the scenario of True Romance is co-written by a certain Quentin Tarantino. Brad Pitt will find the director a few years later for feature films Inglourious Basterds and Once Upon A Time…in Hollywood.


In the animated film Megamindreleased in theaters in 2010, brad pitt lends his voice to the invincible superhero Metro Man, the adversary of the super-villain Megamind, voiced by will ferrell. “One of the reasons why I made this film is to please my children”declared Brad Pitt to our microphone during the preview of the film.

Megamind is one of Brad Pitt’s rare forays into dubbing. The 58-year-old Hollywood star has also worked vocally on animated films Sinbad – The Legend of the Seven Seas and Happy Feet 2.

Note that the character of Metro Man is dubbed in French version by Frank Dubosc.

FRIENDS (2001)

In November 2001, brad pitt appears in season 8 of the cult series Friendsin the Thanksgiving episode dubbed The one who spread the rumor. The American actor embodies the character of Will Colbert, a former obese man who was several years earlier a classmate of Ross (David Schwimmer).

Brad pitt: 6 quirky roles of the hollywood star - actus ciné

When they were classmates at school, Will and Ross had founded an “Anti-Rachel Club” and spread the rumor that she was a hermaphrodite. When Will arrives at Monica’s (Courtney Cox) for dinner and that Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) is present, inevitably, the atmosphere is a little tense.

The big idea of ​​this cameo is obviously that Brad Pitt here hates Jennifer Aniston on screen, when the two stars were together in life at the time, forming one of the most glamorous couples in Hollywood.

DEADPOOL 2 (2018)

Did you notice the crazy cameo of brad pitt in Deadpool 2 ? Halfway through the film, the irreverent mutant played by Ryan Reynolds jump in parachute in an attempt to stop a convoy led by the villainous Cable. Unfortunately for him, all of his teammates are wiped out one after the other in a matter of seconds once they hit the ground.

This is where the film’s most impressive cameo comes in. The space of two seconds, while he is electrocuted by landing on a high voltage line, the invisible man who called himself the Phantom finally reveals his face to us. That of Brad Pitt, in a role ultimately more modest but also much tastier than that of Cable, for which he was initially approached.

“The idea was to use the biggest movie star in the world in the most messed up way possible,” says Ryan Reynolds at the microphone of Collider. “By having him play a character that’s basically invisible and completely uninteresting throughout the film. And then having him appear for just a short while.”

“I think Brad thought it was funny, we all thought it was funny”continues Reynolds. “He said yes to us, and he came to shoot for about 7 minutes. It took him longer to drink the coffee he asked for in compensation than to shoot the cameo.”


Impossible not to laugh at the performance of brad pitt in comedy Burn After Reading. In front of the brothers’ camera Coenthe Hollywood star embodies Chad Feldheimer, priceless physical trainer at a gym center embarked on adventures like no other when he falls into his hands and those of his friend Linda (Frances McDormand) the hard drive belonging to a CIA agent…

“The characters of Burn After Reading are chitterlings, but cool chitterlings. We asked our actors to wake up the stupidity that slumbered in them”, explain the directors. Brad Pitt declares with a lot of second degree: “I didn’t expect my character to be an empty-headed, gum-chewing, Gatorade-drinking, iPod-addicted jerk. He’s a total jerk…but he’s got a good heart. I therefore consider this role as a springboard for my career!”

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