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The Emission Boxoffice Prois the BtoB meeting devoted to current events in the cinema exhibition and distribution sector. 30 minutes of live to know everything about the latest news and figures, but also to share analyzes and analyzes with the editorial staff of the professional magazine Boxoffice Pro and its guests.

The boss of Kinepolis, the Belgian group that has become international, remains convinced of the future of the room, even if “the dynamics of VOD will impact its profitability”. As in the United States, where “a period of cinema exclusivity which is reduced to another value” and involves further negotiations with distributors.

In Europe when it reopens, “we are going to live a period of liberation, like in ’45!”, believes Eddy Duquenne who predicts that most markets will have really recovered in July.

It will of course be necessary to enhance the room experience, without however continuing to build huge multiplexes, in a space and a “saturated European market”. As for France, where Kinepolis achieves 40% of its admissions with national films, the local offer is exceptional. But for Eddy Duquenne, care must be taken that the protection of the media chronology does not backfire on the sector: “the customer must have the choice”.

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