Box office: Spider-Man biggest Marvel success in France? – Cinema news

Who can beat “Spider-Man No Way Home”? Jon Watts’ film remains at the top of the French box office for the sixth consecutive week, and will soon become Marvel’s biggest success in France.

Box office: spider-man biggest marvel success in france? - cinema news
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It will have been necessary to get together and summon three generations of interpreters and enemies of the Man-Spider. Corn Spider-Man No Way Home is about to become Marvel’s biggest success at the French box office: this Tuesday evening, January 25, the feature film was only 292,030 admissions from the record holder, Avengers Endgame, which it should exceed in the next weeks.

In the meantime, the film retains the lead in the weekly box office for the sixth consecutive week, which had not happened for ten years and the ten weeks of reign of the Intouchables. The complicated period and the difficulties, for the other films, to titillate the blockbusters obviously play a role. But the exploit is to be underlined, especially since the feature film does not seem ready to lay down its crown, despite the good performance ofFarewell Mr. Haffmann.

Adapted from the homonymous play, Fred Cavayé’s film retains second position and is approaching 500,000 admissions after two weeks in theaters. Unless the winter holidays are favorable to him and allow him to show stability, it will however be difficult for him to be the first outing of 2022 to cross the million mark.

Not at the party in the United States, where it has not yet managed to exceed 10 million dollars in revenue, Nightmare Alley is not much better off in France. If it ends its first week of operation on the third step of the podium, Guillermo del Toro’s new film signs one of the worst starts of its career in France, ahead of The Devil’s Backbone but behind Mimic, Crimson Peak and Pan’s Labyrinth, which also debuted below 200,000 admissions.

Despite its four-star cast (Bradley Cooper, Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, etc.), the feature film could have trouble collecting the 300,781 torn tickets for Crimson Peak (which was banned for children under 12, against a simple warning for Nightmare Alley), penultimate in the ranking of Guillermo del Toro’s achievements in France. And as much to say that the 1,362,606 of The Shape of Water, his personal best, are already unattainable.

Among the new releases of the week to secure a place in the Top 10, Love is better than life, Claude Lelouch’s fiftieth feature film, is off to a slightly better start than the previous one (Les plus belles Années d’une life). But it will not allow the director to reconnect with the million that has escaped him since Hommes, femmes: mode d’emploi in 1996.

And Tender and rare brings up the rear by winning, narrowly, ahead of Encanto. And offering its director Christopher Thompson a better start than that of Bus Palladium in 2010 (72,295 admissions against 53,579, but with a higher number of copies for his new opus).

Finally, note that the Scream don’t pay anymore. Eleven years after the disappointment of the fourth episode, which had gathered a small million spectators when its predecessors quietly exceeded the bar of two, this new sequel should not even reach this milestone. If the context and the ban on those under 16 can explain its complicated start, the feature film has lost 43% of its admissions compared to its first week of operation, and Ghostface is likely to quickly have few people. down the line at this rate.

Source: CBO Boxoffice and Boxoffice Pro

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