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Avatar 2 is still racing in the lead, at breakneck speed! The film should very soon cross the 10 million mark. In 3 weeks, it has already crossed 8 million admissions.

1 – Avatar: The Waterway: 2,943,711 entries (8,693,869 cumulative entries)

2 – Puss in Boots 2: 508,282 admissions (1,991,611 cumulative admissions)

3 – Storm: 218,342 entries (445,399 cumulative entries)

4 – M3GAN: 218,120 entries (New)

5 – Choir of rockers: 125,465 admissions (New)

6 – Ernest and Célestine, the trip to Charabie: 120,397 admissions (419,072 cumulative admissions)

7 – Black Panther: Wakanda Forever: 110,733 admissions (3,531,394 cumulative admissions)

8 – The Kingdom of Stars: 109,148 admissions (549,458 cumulative admissions)

9 – The Banshees of Inisherin: 99,482 admissions (New)

10- Caravaggio: 95,358 admissions (New)

Avatar: The Way of the Water continues to surf at the top of the French box office! The film is a phenomenon, with already more than 8.6 million admissions, in just 3 weeks. It is the biggest cinema success in France since the start of the pandemic.

It overtook last weekend the one who held the record for admissions since the start of confinement in March 2020, in this case Spider-Man: No Way Home which had ended 2021 at the top of the French box office.

Next step: overtaking The Lion King (2019 version), which was number 1 of the year 2019, with 10,035,930 admissions.

We should also point out that Avatar 2 is doing even better than Avatar 1. It is ahead of its predecessor by 920,000 admissions over the same period!

The bar of 10 million admissions is not very far and should be crossed by this weekend.

Nice success also for Puss in Boots 2 which is approaching 2 million admissions. The film established itself as a solid underdog during the Christmas holidays. For the record, the first installment released in November 2011 attracted 3,859,803 spectators.

On the 3rd step of the podium, Tempête with Pio Marmaï and Mélanie Laurent is approaching a total of 500,000 admissions in two weeks.

In terms of new releases, 4 films find a place in this top 10, starting with the film M3GAN with 218,120 admissions (4th). Chorus of rockers records 125,465 entries (5th). Inisherin and Caravaggio’s Banshees are 9th and 10th, with 99,482 entries and 95,358 entries respectively.

* Source : CBO Box-office

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