Bowser’s Fury: Where to Find Every Cat Shine in Scamper Shores

Scamper Shores is the first full level you’ll encounter in Bowser’s Fury, and like every other level in Nintendo’s spin-off game, it holds five cat shines. You won’t have access to them all right away, though, and some of the collectibles are tough to find. To get your Bowser’s Fury journey started right, here’s where to find every cat shine in Scamper Shores.

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Scamper Shores: Make the lighthouse shine

Bowsers Fury Where to Find Every Cat Shine in Scamper

Like all areas in Bowser‘s Fury, you’ll earn the first shine simply for making it through Scamper Shores. It’s the first full area in the game, so you shouldn’t have too many problems making it to the end.

Follow the wooden path, being careful not to get crushed by the Conkdors lining it. You’ll need to do a little platforming, but it’s all very straightforward. There’s only one tricky area in Scamper Shores, where a line of Conkdors sit by a very thin path. Here, press to sprint, trying to time the rotating plates so they’re flat.

After you’re past that, simply head toward the lighthouse and claim your shine!

Scamper Shores: Five cat shine shards

If you want to kill two Conkdors with one stone, you can also pick up the five cat shine shards on your first run of Scamper Shores. The first one is located in a secret room at the start of the level. Past the gate, continue straight until the first rotating fence. Climb all the way to the top and look back toward the gate to spot the secret room and the first cat shine shard.

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From the previous shard, continue past the second rotating fence but stop before the thin board lined with Conkdors. To the right of the second rotating fence, there are four boxes near a wall. Smash them to reveal a secret ledge and this shard.

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Circle back to the second rotating fence and climb to the top. From there, you can jump to reach the third cat shine shard.

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Continue through the level until you reach the base of lighthouse. There’s a series of three rotating fences with a very obvious shard between them. The tricky part is actually getting the shard. Use the highest fence and climb to the top instead of hanging from the side, then line up your jump from there.

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The final shard is on the beaches below the level. Jump down and look for a small fence inside a rock holding up the lighthouse. Use the cat suit to climb to the gate, wait for it to rotate, then claim the last cat shine shard.

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Scamper Shores: Blast the fury blocks

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There’s a small climbable tower midway through Scamper Shores, just before the line of Conkdors. Head past it and jump down to the beach to spot eight fury blocks embedded in the wall.

This is the first time fury blocks show up in the game, so let us get you acquainted. When Bowser is active, he’ll follow Mario around unleashing all sorts of attacks. That includes a sweeping fire attack. While Bowser is active, hang out near the blocks until Bowser shoots fire, then quickly jump into cover. The fire will destroy the blocks and award you a shine.

You can just wait for Bowser to spawn, if you want (he shows up on a timer) or you can tackle other shines and circle back once he’s active. Picking up the shine will shoot Bowser back down momentarily.

Scamper Shores: Fury shadow by the shore

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You can complete the three shines above right away (pending Bowser on the last one). These next two require that you leave Scamper Shores and come back. Jump on Plessie or head to the Gigabell and hang out for a bit, then circle back. You’ll find that the level has new enemies and a new challenger.

In particular, Shadow Luigi. Your goal is to chase Shadow Luigi around Scamper Shore and catch or damage him three times. He’s tough to catch, even in a level as straightforward as Scamper Shore. The fire flower and boomerang can give you a little reach, but we recommend the cat suit. The dash on the cat suit is almost instant, allowing you to close the gap on Shadow Luigi.

After you’ve caught him for the third time, you’ll be awarded with a shine. If you lose track of him, simply leave the area on Plessie and return to start over.

Scamper Shores: Key to the cat shine

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Again, leave Scamper Shores for a bit and return to find new enemies and, this time, a cat shine locked in a cage. You need to find the key and carry it back to the cage without being damaged or falling in the water.

The key is easy to find. Follow Scamper Shores to the top, but stop short of the lighthouse. In the area leading up to it (with two ramps and a couple of Piranha Creepers), you’ll find the key.

Pick it up and retrace your steps to the bottom, being extra careful around enemies. If you fall in the water or get hit by an enemy, the key will automatically respawn in its starting location.

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