Bound for life on TF1: why is the ending different from that of Laëtitia Milot's novel?  - Cinema News

Bound for life on TF1: why is the ending different from that of Laëtitia Milot’s novel? – Cinema News

Broadcast last night on TF1, “Liés pour la vie” is the unit adaptation of the eponymous novel written by Laëtitia Milot. And if the story is obviously faithful, the end of the telefilm differs from that of the novel, which offered another destiny to the characters.

After A baby for Christmas, The Vengeance with clear eyes, or her spin-off Olivia, Laëtitia Milot made her big comeback last night on TF1 with the TV movie Liés pour la vie, adapted from the eponymous novel written by the actress in 2017, which offered a nice success to the channel with 4.04 million viewers, for an audience share of 20.1% for the general public and 24.1% on the priority target of women responsible for purchases of less 50 years old.

In this unitary also worn by François Vincentelli, Cristiana Reali, and Antoine Duléry, the interpreter of Mélanie in Plus belle la vie embodies Lucie, a horse-riding champion who sees her life – and her career – turned upside down after a terrible car accident which deprives her of the use of her legs.

As she tries to accept her handicap, Lucie crosses paths with Marc, a man broken by life, with whom she will fall in love and who will help her to rebuild herself and to find the courage to go back on horseback as as a paraplegic rider. But what Lucie does not know is that Marc is also the driver who knocked her down.

In an interview with Leisure TV, Laëtitia Milot explains that the scenario of Liés pour la vie was “reworked several times, by several authors” and that the ending chosen for the TV movie is very different from that of the novel.


“The ending is different in the book. We had a lot of discussion around it. In the script, we wanted to show that the wheel is turning and that you have to pay for what you did”, explains Laëtitia Milot in reference to the denouement of the telefilm which sees Marc denounce himself and assume his responsibility in the accident of Lucie, in spite of the love which unites them from now on.

“In the book, she doesn’t want to hear it, we know she knows, but she doesn’t want to ruin everything because it’s part of her resilience. She fell in love with him in spite of herself. not denounce in the book and they open a stud farm for disabled people “, continues the actress who therefore accepted that the end of her novel be modified in order to give a different moral to this story.

But despite this change of size, the relationship between Lucie and Marc remains the central element of Liés pour la vie. “We made the choice to put the love story in the foreground”, admits Laëtitia Milot. A choice that is confirmed at the end of the TV movie since Bound for Life closes on the promise made by Lucie to Marc, whom she swears to wait and find after her prison sentence.

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