Borat 2 on Amazon: in which language does the Kazakh journalist speak?

The film “Borat 2” is available today as an SVOD exclusive on the Amazon Prime Video platform. Do you know the language in which the Kazakh journalist embodied by Sacha Baron Cohen speaks?

Borat 2 on Amazon in which language does the Kazakh

“Jak sie masz?” Emblematic phrase of Borat, embodied by Sacha Baron Cohen, is it really Kazakh? If the actor-chameleon did not skimp on the means to slip into the skin of the character, the latter did not push the plug to the point of learning the official language of Kazakhstan! Indeed, for the purposes of filming (and the British series which introduced Borat), the actor invented his own dialect composed of Slavic words, notably Polish, but also and especially Hebrew, the official language of the ‘State of Israel!

A practicing Jew himself, Sacha Baron Cohen is fluent in Hebrew, which explains the quite natural way he manages to mix the language with English and Polish in his adventures. It should be noted in passing that this is also a form of fairly extreme irony, since the character of Borat is particularly known for his anti-Semitism. In the end, no Kazakh word can be heard in Borat films, his friend from the first part Azamat (Ken Davitian) speaking, meanwhile, in Armenian!

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