Boomerang on France 2: what is the shock TV movie worth on sexual harassment with Corinne…

Boomerang on France 2 what is the shock TV movie

France 2 is broadcasting “Boomerang” tonight, a shocking TV movie about sexual harassment at work with actress Corinne Masiero, well known to viewers for her role as Captain Marleau. But is it really worth a look?


Sexually assaulted by a colleague, a young worker in a printing works tries to end her life. Faced with the denial of the aggressor and the management, women and men from the printing press, led by Louise, the undisputed leader of the company, will mobilize and do everything to ensure that justice is done.

Wednesday October 5 at 9:10 p.m. on France 2 and available in preview on Salto.


In Boomerangviewers find the actress Corinne Masiero well known for her key role as Captain Marleau in the eponymous series also broadcast on France 2. On this occasion, she leaves her intrepid police character aside for that of Louise Falconetti, a committed employee who does not have her tongue in her pocket.

She is accompanied by the actress Tiphaine Daviot (currently headlining Detox a new comedy series available on Netflix) which embodies Roxane, the young woman victim of a sexual assault at her workplace. Bruno Salomone (Harassed available on Salto) is also in the game and lends his features to Quentin, the aggressor.

By their side, Laurent Boat (Delicious, Emma Bovary) plays Renaud, the boss of the printing house in which all the characters and actresses evolve Clara Pirali, Mary Berto (The Daval mystery) and Marie Hatterman (The place of another) interpret employees who support at one time or another the movement launched by Louise in the company.


Boomerang is a very explicit television movie about sexual assault in the workplace. From the very first minutes, it bluntly shows Roxane’s aggression at the printing press followed by her suicide attempt. These dramatic and violent events are unfortunately only the beginning of a long descent into hell for the character.

Throughout the film, the young woman can count on Louise, her loud-mouthed and committed colleague, who is not afraid to say aloud what everyone is thinking quietly. In this strong and authentic role, actress Corinne Masiero excels as usual without much difficulty. However, we almost regret that she is at the center of this story since she tends to erase the character of Roxane.

The viewers follow Louise who is gradually becoming the spokesperson for the protest movement that is emerging within the printing works in which all the characters work. She makes it a point of honor that her colleague’s voice is heard in this company where sexist remarks and inappropriate behavior punctuate their daily lives.

The male characters are almost all misogynists in the TV movie, which is ultimately a shame. From the boss to the employees, they form a real unshakeable group who do not hesitate to support Quentin, Roxane’s attacker, when the affair is revealed. Fortunately, some of them end up realizing the seriousness of the situation and join the movement inspired by their female colleagues.

Boomerang carries a strong message but is sorely lacking in delicacy. Indeed, Louise repeatedly forces her colleague to talk about her sexual assault to her colleagues despite her repeated refusals. Roxane is sadly never in control of the situation from the start to the end of the TV movie, preventing her from fully appropriating her story.

There is no doubt that this TV movie is essential in the era of the Me Too movement, but unfortunately it does not put the victim enough at the heart of the plot, preferring once again a stronger and more intrepid figure.

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