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From Resnais to Ozon, via Maïwenn, Serreau, Donzelli, Klapisch and Sautet, Laetitia is passionate about French cinema when it stages the things of life, with fantasy and acuity. Which happens much more often than you think!

After receiving the Ensemble Prize in the Un Certain Regard section at Cannes, Bonne Mère by Hafsia Herzi is released in theaters this Wednesday. On the Croisette, we met the director and her actors, Halima Benhamed and Jawed Hannachi Herzi …

After the success of her very pretty You Deserve a Love, Hafsia Herzi was finally able to stage Bonne Mère, a long-standing project centered on a North African mother who fights every day for her children, and carries on various trades, forgetting for that his desires and his life as a woman.

A simple story, magnified by the actress-director who has this gift of capturing the little things and writing 150 pages of dialogue while letting her actors (often non-professionals) be, whom she films as close as possible to the faces.

It was then that she came to accompany her daughter on the casting (Sabrina Benhamed alias Sabah), that Halima Benhamed conquered Hafsia Herzi. Originally, the director thought of an older heroine:

“I decided to rejuvenate the character which was even better because we understand that she does not rebuild her life because she has too many worries, life is too difficult, her children are her priority. She cannot redo her life. life as long as she is not at peace with her children “, she explains.

Beyond this devoted courageous mother, Hafsia Herzi portrays a “struggling youth” and in particular young women full of life and hope, ready to do anything to escape their daily life: “I grew up alone with my mother, with no masculine references, so I find it easier to write female characters, but it happened on my own and you can’t tell everyone’s story anyway. “.

Discover the edifying portrait of the Good Mother by Hafsia Herzi:

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