Bob Morane: Did you know there was an animated series?

While its creator Henri Vernes died this Sunday at the age of 102, a look back at the famous hero Bob Morane and the two series adapted from his adventures.

Bob morane: did you know there was an animated series?

“Lost in the infernal valley, the hero’s name is Bob Morane. In search of the Yellow Shadow, the bandit’s name is Mister Kali Jones …”

So ! At the end of only two short sentences, you certainly already have it in mind, as you have heard this famous Indochina hit on a loop since the beginning of the 80s. But if the name of Bob Morane seems today inseparable from the voice of Nicola Sirkis, yet it has existed for much longer than the French pop-rock group.

Bob morane: did you know there was an animated series?


Indeed, its creator, the Belgian novelist Henri Vernes (who passed away last week at the age of 102) brought it to life almost 70 years ago, in 1953, through the pages of a series adventure novels. Bob Morane, a French hero halfway between a Tintin and an Indiana Jones, then sets off adventures across the globe, accompanied by his faithful friend Bill Ballantine.

Spitfire pilot emeritus, hero of the Battle of Britain, Bob Morane is a hero with sporting stature and diverse skills. Polyglot, expert in many combat sports and in the handling of weapons of all kinds, reporter and engineer at the same time, he never shies away from the slightest adventure.

Bob morane: did you know there was an animated series?


Enough to offer this hero a real success in bookstores and the start of a nice career. The collection of novels by Henri Vernes, sold over 40 million copies worldwide, is therefore available in comics, then in television series.

Thus, in 1964, it was the French actor Claude Titre who embodied the adventurer in flesh and blood in the first series Bob Morane, during 26 episodes shot in live action, and broadcast on the ORTF.

34 years later, in 1998, when Henri Vernes’ hero suddenly enjoyed renewed popularity thanks to the Indochina hit, Bob Morane made his big comeback on television, this time in an animated series. Brought up to date and broadcast on Canal +, it also opens with a credits which takes up the famous song as an instrumental, without the voice of Nicola Sirkis.

Finally, know that at the dawn of the 2000s, Bob Morane almost went from the small to the big screen. Indeed, as we mentioned on AlloCiné on May 24, 2001 (!), His adventures were to be the subject of a film adaptation at the time, under the direction of director Christophe Gans (Le Pacte des Loups) and with in title role … Vincent Cassel!

A project which unfortunately never saw the light of day.

(Re) discover the trailer for the “Pacte des loups”, another collaboration between Christophe Gans and Vincent Cassel …

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