Blurry Love on CANAL +: what is the serial sequel to Romane Bohringer and Philippe’s film worth …

Still carried in front of and behind the camera by Romane Bohringer and Philippe Rebbot, the serial adaptation of the film “L’Amour flou” begins this evening on CANAL +. And this direct sequel in 9 episodes is a real success, both tender and funny.

What is it about ?

After 10 years of living together, two adored children and a dog, Romane and Philippe no longer loved each other. Well… they weren’t in love anymore. But they loved each other anyway. A lot. Still too much to really separate. Thus, under the circumspect gaze of those around them, they conceived this improbable project, “the Sépartement”: two separate apartments but communicating with each other through the children’s room.

From this singular adventure, they made a film: L’AMOUR BLOU. And they wanted to make the continuation of it… So here they are installed in this strange life, which in many aspects, turns out to be miraculous: the threat of separating no longer existing – since it is done -, the tensions between Philippe and Romane have disappeared and they now speak the language of friendship. The children, on the other hand, seem to be bathed in happiness, their two parents close at hand. But the daily life of the Rebbot-Bohringer family is as crazy and vague as ever.

Every Monday at 9 p.m. on Canal + from November 8 (3 episodes / evening) and available in full on myCANAL. Seen 9 episodes out of 9.

Who is it with?

Around Romane Bohringer and Philippe Rebbot, who obviously continue to be the beating, moving, and hilarious heart of L’Amour flou, viewers will have the pleasure of finding a large part of the cast of the film released in 2018.

Starting with Raoul and Rose Rebbot-Bohringer, the couple’s two children, but also Richard Bohringer, Astrid Bohringer, Lou Bohringer, Reda Kateb, Gabor Rassov in the role of the unforgettable director of the school, Aurélien Chaussade and Aurélien Vernant , alias “les Aurélien”, or even Clémentine Autain, who crosses Philippe’s path again (and could well end up regretting it?).

But the series also welcomes two newcomers of size: Monica Bellucci and Eric Caravaca, whose characters, very far from their own personalities, will have an important role to play in the writing of this new chapter for Romane and Philippe, who are ask if they can rebuild their lives on their own without breaking the balance of the “Department”.

Blurry love on canal +: what is the serial sequel to romane bohringer and philippe's film worth...
Philippe Mazzoni / Canal +

Well worth a look ?

Three years after the theatrical release of their film, Romane Bohringer and Philippe Rebbot had the good idea to continue the story of their separation like no other with this serial adaptation which should delight fans of the feature film, who will find everything which they loved in the cinema, but 1000 power. But also the others, who may have missed out on L’Amour blou in 2018 and will have no trouble entering the somewhat crazy world of the Rebbot-Bohringer since this real suite, centered on the daily life of the family within the “Sépartement”, is totally accessible to neophytes.

While the feature film perhaps oscillated more between emotion and humor, the Canal + series, written by Romane Bohringer in collaboration with Philippe Rebbot and Gabor Rassov, goes completely into the gap and offers, episode after episode, a concentrate of comedy and enjoyable self-mockery. Without losing the tenderness that inhabits its characters.

The valves and the replicas that kill fuse, making this UFO series a real cocktail to die for. Whether during the always tasty exchanges between Romane and Philippe, or during certain completely crazy sequences, like this scene at the pool, where Philippe and the character of Reda Kateb participate in a swimming lesson … for dogs. A big moment !

Blurry love on canal +: what is the serial sequel to romane bohringer and philippe's film worth...
Philippe Mazzoni / Canal +

Both very personal and totally whimsical, the L’Amour flou series is a great success, which owes a lot to its chiseled texts and its daring dialogues. But also and above all to its main performers.

Romane Bohringer and Philippe Rebbot in the lead of course, to whom we are more attached than ever over the nine episodes. And who once again show the full extent of their talent (which goes beyond comedy since they also brilliantly officiate at writing and directing with regard to Romane Bohringer, who tries his hand at first time to serial exercise).

We also love the characters played by the two new recruits of L’Amour flou: Eric Caravaca, alias Doctor Pourtois, who forms an extremely touching duo with Romane, and Monica Bellucci, who goes where we did not necessarily expect him and surprises in the skin of Valéria, this whimsical woman who is going to turn Philippe’s life upside down.

Two possible new members of the Rebbot-Bohringer tribe who fit in without difficulty in this merry mess which, like the original feature film, manages to speak in an original way of love, family ties, and recomposition, even of reconstruction, in a world after separation.

What are the consequences of the passage of time on love? What is left after separation? Can we move forward when we keep an infinite tenderness for our ex? So many questions which are (largely) answered within the “Sépartement” of Romane and Philippe. Where it is always so good to live.

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