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Téva is broadcasting “Bleu d’enfer” this evening. On this occasion, a small focus on this aquatic adventure film led by Paul Walker and Jessica Alba.

Released in France in 2006, Bleu d’enfer takes place in the very cinematographic archipelago of the Bahamas. While on a treasure hunt in the paradisiacal seabed, two couples stumble upon the wreckage of an airplane filled with cocaine. They barely have time to imagine themselves millionaires when the owner of the cargo launches after them …

Directed by John Stockwell (Blue Crush), Bleu d’enfer has two great assets: its beautifully filmed spatial setting and the involvement of actors Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, Scott Caan and Ashley Scott. They didn’t hesitate to dive into shark-infested waters. In the skin of the villain, Josh Brolin (then little known) is also perfect.

Director John Stockwell wanted to film real sharks to enhance the realism of the feature film: “I want viewers to realize these sharks are real. The film can only benefit from the fact that we are not using CGI.”. The result is astounding: rarely, in the cinema, we have seen actors rub shoulders with predators so closely.

When it was released, Bleu d’enfer did not perform well in theaters since it made 42 million dollars in worldwide revenue for a budget of 50. But as the film enjoyed good word of mouth, a sequel saw the day. Led by Chris Carmack (the bad guy of the very dispensable Shark 3D de 2011) and Laura Vandervoort, it is released directly on DVD.

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