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Canal + is broadcasting tonight the first two episodes of Bloodlands, a new British detective series with James Nesbitt.

What is it about ?

Tom Brannick is a Northern Irish police detective, nicknamed the “Black Irish”. After connecting a suicide note to a case, a manhunt begins against the police officer by a formidable assassin …

David vs. Goliath

The British series have nothing more to prove to us. With Bloodlands, a North Irish creation, author Chris Brandon offers us a dark and breathless thriller worn by the excellent James Nesbitt. The Murphy’s Law actor this time lends his features to Tom Brannick, an aging and battered detective.

Twenty years earlier, he was investigating mysterious disappearances, which led to Goliath’s trail. This serial killer who seems to be hiding in the ranks of the police, even snatched his wife from him. The assassin appears to be back and ready to play on Brannick’s nerves.

Bloodlands is a detective thriller but also a political one since the series explores the history of the country by placing the IRA and the North Irish conflict at the heart of its plot. Some flashbacks even take us to 1998, during the Good Friday agreement between the Irish Republican army and the political forces. The series reminds us that 23 years later, the situation remains tense on the island, where paramilitary groups continue to shake institutions.

With four episodes of only 50 minutes, Bloodlands holds its breath and does not let the breath fall. Canal + will broadcast half this Monday at 9 p.m. and the second next Monday. MyCanal subscribers can binge-watcher them now. And if you loved the series, know that it has just been renewed for a season 2.

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