Blood Red Sky: what is this strange horror film that is a hit on Netflix?

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Available on Netflix, “Blood Red Sky” is a horrific camera that mixes genres, from vampire flicks to action thrillers. A recipe that seems to speak to the public if we are to believe the success of the film, which occupies the top of the platform.


When terrorists attempt to hijack their flight, a woman traveling with her son with a mysterious illness is forced to reveal a dark secret.

Blood Red Sky, directed by Peter Thorwarth.

Available on Netflix


It is a film which was not expected, but which climbs, however, in the list of the titles most seen on the platform Netflix. Horror movies have always been very popular with thrill-seeking viewers and Blood Red Sky proves it once again. Nevertheless, the feature film by Peter Thorwarth – which co-wrote the German shock The Wave, released in 2008 – particularly attracts attention for its curious mix of genres. What begins as a simple action thriller with, as subject, a hostage-taking on a plane, turns, little by little, into a fantastic and bloody camera.

Blood red sky: what is this strange horror film that is a hit on netflix?

Netflix / Stanislav Honzik

If the first part is rather convincing, the sequel suffers from a lot of lengths and it is not the many back and forth in the past, through scenes of flashbacks, which will fix things. Blood Red Sky necessarily marks for its originality, or rather its ability to merge five films into one. There is this story of hijacking which recalls, among others, Air Force One or even 7500 with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the vampiric creatures straight out of 30 days of night or The Descent and this plot around a mother courage trapped in the air which sends back, in another way, to Flight Plan with Jodie Foster.

Those who come for the first degree in this sometimes questionable taste mixture will be disappointed. To appreciate what Blood Red Sky offers, namely pure entertainment that does not skimp on bloodshed, we must keep a certain distance. In the casting, the German Peri Baumeister – appeared in the series The Last Kingdom – lends its features to an unusual heroine. Others will also recognize Dominic Purcell – star of Prison Break – in a more secondary villain role.

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