Blonde: Netflix shifts the biopic on Marilyn Monroe to 2022 because of sex scenes deemed shocking

Due to artistic differences between Netflix and director Andrew Dominik, Blonde, the biopic on Marilyn Monroe with Ana de Armas, sees its release postponed to 2022 on the platform.

Blonde: netflix shifts the biopic on marilyn monroe to 2022 because of sex scenes deemed shocking
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In development since 2010, Blonde, the biopic on Marilyn Monroe adapted from the novel by Joyce Carol Oates, would finally see the light of day this year. Several actresses were attached to the project, such as Jessica Chastain and Naomi Watts, before Ana de Armas was finally chosen to play the famous star.

It is the director Andrew Dominik (The Assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford) who has the heavy task of directing this feature film, eagerly awaited in Hollywood, and which will be available on Netflix. Despite the expectations around Blonde, Variety informs us that Netflix has decided to postpone the film’s release to 2022 when it was scheduled for the end of the year.

Speculations were already rife on a possible shift of Blonde that Thierry Frémaux wanted to present out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival. The festival director had explained to Deadline that Netflix had refused to submit the biopic to the selection committee.

And it seems that those responsible for the original content of the platform do not want to present the film to the next big masses of the cinema, like the Venice Film Festival, nor to submit it to the Oscars since it “contains very few dialogues”, as director Andrew Dominik pointed out.

Netflix is ​​betting on other horses to be represented at the Oscars, including Don’t Look Up by Adam McKay and its impressive cast, and The Power of the Dog, the new period drama by Jane Campion. Today, we learn that another reason would have pushed Netflix to postpone the release of Blonde.

Too raw sex scenes

According to the indiscretions of the often knowledgeable journalist, Jordan Ruimy, published on World of Reel, Blonde should have been presented in competition at the Venice Film Festival but artistic differences between Andrew Dominik and Netflix arose regarding the final cut, which did not please the representatives of the platform at all.

In the current cut, Blonde is expected to be restricted and would be banned under 17 in the United States. According to rumors reported by Jordan Ruimy, Netflix is ​​horrified by some very graphic sex scenes, including a sequence of “very bloody cunnilingus during menstruation”, but also “a rape sequence” (very detailed and very raw in the falsely biographical book).

Netflix is ​​not, however, known for being prudish, especially when we see the latest soft porn content that has hit the shelves on the platform, between Sex / Life, Sky Rojo, 365 Dni and so on. But it seems that these elements and the lack of dialogue in this first cut have caused the dissatisfaction of the American giant.

Sex / Life, La Cuisinière de Castamar, Elite, … why is soft porn a hit on Netflix?

The discussions are likely to be heated since the Australian director of New Zealand origin does not seem to want to let go of the case and intends to defend his vision of Blonde, which Netflix would consider as it is. “a vague and obtuse art house film”.

However, the first rushes of the film had convinced the platform and the novelist Joyce Carol Oates, who declared on his Twitter account a year ago that Blonde was “surprising, brilliant, disturbing and surprisingly feminist in its interpretation”.

It remains to be seen whether Andrew Dominik and Netflix will tune their violins on the film’s approach and whether reshoots or a new cut will be necessary to present the film at other festivals, such as Sundance or the Berlinale.

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