Bliss on Prime Video: what is this sci-fi movie with Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek?

After his first two films, “Another Earth” and “I Origins”, Mike Cahill invites viewers to escape with “Bliss”, available from February 5 on the Amazon Prime Video platform.

Bliss on prime video: what is this sci-fi movie with owen wilson and salma hayek?
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What is it about ?

Recently divorced, Greg, whose life is ruined, meets the delicious Isabel, a woman living on the streets, convinced that the shattered and polluted world around them is not real. She is convinced that they live in an ugly and rough simulation inside another real world, beautiful and at peace. At first skeptical, Greg ends up discovering that there may be some truth to Isabel’s conspiracy theory.

Bliss by Mike Cahill, with Salma Hayek, Owen Wilson, Joshua Leonard, Bill Nye …


Flee to an ideal world

The concept of alternate reality is a recurring theme in science fiction films. With his third feature film, the American filmmaker Mike Cahill adapts it to its own universe, where emotions are often at the service of a story full of fantasy. In French, the word “bliss“means absolute happiness. It is this goal that the two characters of the plot desperately seek. The universe of the film is divided into two parts: on one side, there is this gloomy, grayish world, in which Greg (Owen Wilson) is a divorced man, dissatisfied with his job, and Isabel (Salma hayek), a woman living on the street. In the other reality, life is easier, the landscapes are heavenly and the faces of the two heroes shine.

Mike Cahill takes inspiration from The Matrix and The Wizard of Oz to deliver futuristic romance. He plays with the different interpretations of the spectators and blurs the tracks. So everyone is free to think which world is real. In Another Earth, his very first film, the director was interested in the themes of second chance, forgiveness and redemption. Here, he continues to put the human at the center of his story and is interested in the fragility of men’s minds, as well as their inexorable desire to find an escape.

As the whole world has lived to the rhythm of COVID-19 for more than a year, Bliss suddenly echoed in the news. Those who wish to forget, for a few hours, the reality of everyday life should appreciate this adventure led by Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek, both very convincing.

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