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This Saturday evening, M6 is broadcasting the first two episodes of “Blanca”, an Italian detective series which follows a young blind woman who will put her talents to the service of the Genoese police.

Blanca, a young blind woman, can finally realize her dream: to become a consultant for the police. She embarks on this new challenge with the enthusiasm and irony that characterize her. Determined to overcome the skepticism and preconceptions of her new colleagues, she intends to demonstrate what she is capable of. If Blanca can’t see what everyone else sees, she hears what no one else hears… An essential asset for solving investigations! But between her enthusiasm and her recklessness, she risks not seeing the dangers that await her…

From Saturday January 7 at 9:10 p.m. on M6. Season 1 is already available in full on Salto. Episodes seen: 2/12.

At a time when detective fiction is abundant, it is sometimes difficult to stand out from the competition. But with Blanca, M6 bet on the right horse, the Italian series, which met with real success in its country of origin, bringing new life to this worn-out genre.

Blanca, a young woman who lost her sight following a tragedy, dreams of only one thing: putting her extraordinary abilities to work for the police. His blindness has indeed allowed him to develop his hearing, which offers him the possibility of hearing what no one else can hear.

And if at first, Inspector Michele Liguori does not see with a very good eye the arrival of this intern like no other, he will very quickly realize that his talents could prove very useful in solving the surveys. They will then help each other to carry out the most difficult cases. But Blanca’s recklessness could well put her life in danger.

If the trope of the somewhat grumpy cop, forced to associate with a young debutante full of ambition, who sees life differently thanks to her handicap, has already been seen and reviewed, the duo of investigators, brilliantly interpreted by Maria Chiara Giannetta and Giuseppe Zeno, works wonderfully. The many mysteries surrounding Blanca’s character, in particular the circumstances of the accident responsible for her blindness, offer a red thread that makes us want to chain the 12 episodes that make up this first season.


Blanca’s character’s good humor and enthusiasm also make the detective series strangely sunny, with little touches of humor here and there that hit the mark, without overdoing it. The investigations, which each span two episodes, are very well put together and do not fall into the easy way, thus offering us unexpected outcomes.

The series is also based on a polished and original production. Blanca was shot in holophony, a 360-degree sound recording technique that reproduces the sound perceived by the human ear. A technique that transcribes the intensity and details that Blanca hears thanks to her tenfold auditory sense. An unusual sound experience that deserves the detour.

Note that fans of the Italian medical series Doc will be able to find Pierpaolo Spollon, who played Ricardo, in a counter-use role.

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