Blame Rousseau on France 2: who are the new actors in the excellent season 2?

“La Faute à Rousseau”, always led by Charlie Dupont and Anny Duperey, returns this evening to France 2 for an unprecedented season 2 rich in new faces and students, from Dembo Camilo (“Here it all begins”) to Maïra Schmitt (“Léo Mattei”).

A little over a year after its launch on France 2, Rousseau’s faultloosely adapted from Spanish fiction Merli by the screenwriters Agatha Robillard and Thomas Boulle, returns this evening at 9:10 p.m. for a new season 2 even more successful than the first which tells a new school year at La Fontaine high school. With the key, a lot of new faces around Charlie Dupont and Anny Duperey.

However, fans will have the pleasure of finding Théo (Louis Duneton), the hero’s son, and his former best friend Gabriel (Gregoire Paturel), who repeated their senior year. And to follow in parallel with always so much delight the quest of Benjamin Rousseau, who is convinced of having missed out on the great love with Stéphanie (Samira Lachhab), and struggles to apply his wisdom and advice to his own life.

But these six new episodes, which each time address a notion of philosophy which underlines the problems encountered by Rousseau’s students, also feature a new cast of high school students which allows the series to approach themes with finesse and brilliance. as strong and important as transidentity, alcoholism among young people, teenage pregnancy, positive discrimination, and childbirth under X, or sexual harassment.

And these new students – Zoé, Inès, Léna, Morgane, and Gaëtan – are embodied by excellent young actors, already noticed in Here it all starts, tomorrow belongs to usWhere Leo Mattei particularly. And which prove more than ever that the strength of La Faute à Rousseau lies above all in its characters and its school themes.

Because if we still love the lines that kill Rousseau and his mother – brilliant Anny Duperey – it is these teenagers confronted with responsibility, fate, or authority that carry us away and make this season 2 a nugget .

So, before discovering the sequel to La Faute à Rousseau this Wednesday evening on France 2, we tell you all about the new faces of this second season…

Louvia Bachelier – Zoe

Blame rousseau on france 2: who are the new actors in the excellent season 2?

The first episode of season 2 is dedicated to Zoe, a popular and cultured teenager who, by dint of partying, drinking night and day, and skipping school, is ruining her studies and her friendships. ‘air.

Zoe is played by Louvia Bachelorwhich is illustrated among others in the series Contact, Unfaithfuland The cottageand is well known to the faithful of tomorrow belongs to usa soap opera in which she has been playing Manon Daunier since 2020. In recent months, she has also appeared in the cinema in the comedy The test and even participated in an episode of season 5 ofElite on Netflix.

Andrea Furet – Lena

Blame rousseau on france 2: who are the new actors in the excellent season 2?
Jean-Philippe BALTEL – DEMD PROD – FTV

After an appearance in an episode ofAlex Hugo, Andrea Furet is chosen by TF1 to play the main role ofHe is shea punchy TV movie with Odille Vuillemin and Jonathan Zaccaï on transidentity broadcast in 2021. Transgender herself, the young actress plays a teenager who feels bad about herself, trapped in the body of a boy.

A theme that we find in season 2 of La Faute à Rousseau, where Andréa Furet lends her features to Lena, who is asking herself more and more questions. And who, even if she wants to start living, tries to keep the boy she loves at a distance while waiting to be a “real” woman. At the dawn of her 18th birthday, Léna must decide if she is ready to take the plunge and undergo the operation that will allow her to physically become the person who corresponds to her.

Maïra Schmitt – Inès

Blame rousseau on france 2: who are the new actors in the excellent season 2?

Central character of the third episode of the season, can Inès be completely master of her destiny, when a five-month-old baby grows a little more every day in her belly? In agreement with her parents, Inès decided to hide her pregnancy, give birth under X, and return to her old life, as if nothing had happened. But is his choice really fixed?

To embody Inès, the production of La Faute à Rousseau set its sights on Maira Schmittwho was revealed to the general public through her roles in Special mention and in Leo Mattei (the daughter of Jean-Luc Reichmann, it was her). Since then, she has played the daughter of Phillip Bas in Devil’s Leap and is currently in the credits of the teen series The 7 lives of Léa on Netflix, in the role of Romane, the best friend of the heroine.

Dembo Camilo – Gaëtan

Blame rousseau on france 2: who are the new actors in the excellent season 2?

Revealed by Tomorrow belongs to us, Dembo Camilo appears today in the credits of the spin-off Here it all starts, still in the same role. Namely that of Souleymane Myriel, the son of the character played by Frederic Diefenthal. Still on TF1, he also lends his features to the teenage Mathis in the sequences of I promise you set in the 1990s.

In La Faute à Rousseau, Dembo Camilo is Gaëtan, a son of refugees who has worked twice as hard as the others to take advantage of a new experimental program to improve diversity within the preparatory classes. So, when he is accused of having taken advantage of positive discrimination, and of not deserving his place in the preparatory class, Gaétan feels more than ever boiling with rage.

Lucie Vagenheim – Morgane

Blame rousseau on france 2: who are the new actors in the excellent season 2?
Jean-Philippe BALTEL – DEMD PROD – FTV

Revealed by season 6 of The Voice in 2017, where she managed to reach the final as part of Florent Pagny’s team, Lucie Vagenheim won her first role as an actress thanks to the series La Faute à Rousseau.

Last new character to be entitled to its episode – the sixth and last part being centered on Gabriel – Morgane, camped by Lucie Vagenheim, is a teenager who lives a dream: after thousands of hours of training to become a pianist, Niels Martin , a recognized conductor, offers him to play a few pieces together for the high school anniversary show. Unfortunately, Martin will turn out to be a sadistic and authoritarian stalker who will turn Morgan’s life upside down.

Gaspard Meier-Chaurand – Simon

Blame rousseau on france 2: who are the new actors in the excellent season 2?

Revealed by the feature film Mr Dad in 2011, in which he played the son of Michele Laroque, Gaspard Meier Chaurand has since distinguished himself in Special Mention, in the first episode of Disturbing disappearancein the TV movie On the other sideor in the Prime Video series Mixedwhich was canceled after just one season despite critical acclaim.

He joins the cast of La Faute à Rousseau in season 2 in the role of Simon, the new drawing teacher Théo (Louis Duneton) who will not leave his student unmoved. To the point of making him forget Paul (Bryan Treasure)?

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